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Add RWR 'window' by Crusader

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by Crusader, added from an old post of his in the SF/Wo* Forums -- 

Extract HUDDATA.ini and place it in the FLIGHT folder

Add this :





RWR will show up permanently for all aircraft that way

It also works for aircraft which have no RWR display in the cockpit

Just requires the RWR section in avionics ini and DetectSystem section in the aircraft's data ini. (note: if you don't know what these sections are, extract and examine the data and avionics inis of an aircraft that does, example: F-4E, F-4J, F-105D_66, F-16A, F-14A, F-15A for later TEWS equipped)

To switch it off, cycle ALT+D game HUD modes. Or comment out the newly added statementy

(image below has viewpoint scrolled up, to show the RWR window above the windscreen framing)

Works in both SF/Wo* and SF2 series


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