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WW2 Allied Bombing Range - Final-

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WW2 Allied Bombing Range - Final-

WW2 Allied Bombing Range - Final-                5/1/2018

- For SF2, Any & All (Full-4/5 Merged Reccomended)

**Please note, you should have SF2 for this terrain references many stock items from the Desert.cat.However, instructions are provided to use other terrain cats.*** 

This is a major overhaul of Several of the target areas on the Allied Bombing Range. This is designed =ONLY= for WW2 Allied usage. It can be used for practice by any and all of the Allied nations. There are a myriad of targets, both the old and newer ones, to hone you skills in level and dive bombing, strafing with guns and/or rockets (for those aircraft equipped). I intend THIS to be the Final Version.

It =WILL= replace all earlier versions of the Allied Bombing Range, so you'll need to backup, move/remove or delete any older version you may have.

Like the revamped modern range terrains, it has been retiled in an "IME" desert style with the addition of a water feature for anti-shipping. See "Change Log" in the Notes section for more details

As is reccomended, unzip this archive to a temp folder or your desktop, and you'll have access to the rest of the readme for it's instructions. It's reccomended you -READ- this document (THIS readme), expecially the "To Install" section, after unzipping, but =BEFORE= installing.
As always, the Notes and Other Nonesense section may make for entertaining reading. 
Please also read the Standard Usage Discalimer, as it's been changed slightly to reflect a change in my policy. It's listed at the bottom, in the Legal Statement Section, with the URL back to the CA post.

Happy Hunting!
Kevin Stein


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