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SF2 WW2 ETO Beaufighter Tweeks & Adjustment Pack

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SF2 WW2 ETO Beaufighter Tweeks & Adjustment Pack

For those not following the "Tips & Tweeks" Thread in the SF2 WW2 Forum, this is a package of data inis for the Bristol Beaufighter by Cocas Aircraft Factory

This package contains data inis with adjusted hitboxes and some armor upgrades, but a new flight model for ALL the ETO (northern European used) Bristol Beaufighters that Cocas and I did.

These are:

Mk.1 (early and late)

NF MK.1 (early and late)

Mk.1C (ITF)

Mk.VI (early)

Mk. VIC, Mk.VIC,  Mk.VIF (early and lates)

TFX (early and late -with and withOUT thimble nose)

the roll rate is still a little higher than as described, but it's improved over the original release

Instructions For Use:

Unzip, as always reccomended, to a temp folder or you desktop. Then, copy/paste the /Objects folder from the zip DIRECTLY over you /Objects folder in you WW2 ETO centric mods folder. Each of the above listed aircraft has, of course, their own folder within. Also provided is a backed up copy of the original data ini, for safety's sake.

At some point in time, the MTO and PTO theatre specific versions will be uploaded. Eventually, I'll be trying to update each individual aircraft's package. But there's a LOT of Beaus, and only so much time..



Kevin Stein


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