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Need to know: who built these aircraft ???

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While going over our Soviet Heavies, and updating/upgrading/correcting/fixing their various component names and hit boxes, I've come across 3 types of Bears that I can't ID the source creator.

The base model (LOD) is obviously Velro's Tu-95MK (as called "Tu-95MK.LOD") as also used on his own Tu-95MS, but can't find who did these other Bears...




I suspect they're old Lindr mods, but haven't found them in either SF1/Wo* or SF2 downloads (unless I'm Blinder* then usual).

So, any help/confirmation would be appriciated!









(* see what I did there??? <grin>

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Wrench, this is from the Readme:

The "Bear team"
-Veltro 2k-
Plane creator
All the skins plus loadouts and part of weapons and Data ini's
All the Avionics files and Data ini's

Special thanks to Amookfloo for Idea and base model and "The Wrench" for the blue borts numbers included
I've got this in my SF1 downloads (Downloaded 17 January 2009!) so it may well have never been upgraded to SF2.
Also, I've just looked and can't find it in the SF1 downloads section so maybe it never got re-uploaded after one of the occasions when we had problems with the site?
Let me know if you want me send you the package.

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I have the planes (didn't look in my archives for the zips/rars). Just didn't have the readme(s) Your download date would be right -- the LOD is dated Jaunary, 2009!

this is what I wanted! Thanks Allen!! :salute::drinks:

So, I guess after I do the "regular" dudes (simple ini uploads, excepting the Tu-104 which gets a partial repanting and NEW call number/registration decals), I'll take a jump on these other Bears

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