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SF2 VF-51 F-4B & F-4N Phantom (Mytai) Skin/Decal Pak  

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SF2 VF-51 F-4B & F-4N Phantom (Mytai) Skin/Decal Pak  

SF2 VF-51 F-4B & F-4N Phantom (Mytai) Skin/Decal Pak                  7/14/2018

= For SF2 (Any & All, Full-5 Merged Prefered) and/or SF2:V + DLC 23 =

*Can be used in any install that has access to the F-4B_67 which is stock in all merged installs.  You =MUST= also have DLC #23, the 3rd Wire F-4N Phantom. 

This package contains 3 revamped & updated skins, now for SF2, originally created by Mytai01 in 2005(ish) for SF1. These skin represent VF-51 "Screaming Eagles" deployed to Southeast Asia during Vietnam War cruises. This skins are:


VF-51 (1971) embarked aboard USS CORAL SEA (NL code)
VF-51 (1973) -same as above

F-4N (DLC #23):

VF-51 (1974) -same as above

The differences are various paint schemes, and include both CAG and line birds. All 3 skins are new builds, from Sundowner's template. The skins are in jpg format. All decals from the original Mytai pack have been reused. The dates listed are for the deployment years. The SF2 "date switch" is =NOT= used on these skins.

When on the load out screen, on the skin selection widow, you'll see:


VF-51 Screaming Eagles 71 (Mytai)
VF-51 Screaming Eagles 73 (Mytai)


VF-51 Screaming Eagles 74 (Mytai)

As VF-51 is a stock, listed squadron, this will help diferentiate these from 'generic' 3W skins. It also honors Mytai for his work in creating them so long ago.

Decal randomization has been set to "TRUE". Included are "newish" data inis for both aircraft. The data inis now incorporate manually operating (meaning: you, the player can now) wingfold and canopy operation. Both use the Standard Animations Keystrokes (tm), Shift/9 for wings and Shift/0 (zero) for the canopy. 

Also included, within each skin folder, are all of Mytai's original research material that came with the 1stGen Package. This inlcudes photos and other text files.

As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them .... 
Remember!! You must have DLC #23 to gain access to the F-4N!!

Happy Landings!


Kevin Stein

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