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I am keen to understand the format of the TFD file to work out how texture tiles references are stored. I there is anyone still around that knows or can point me in the right direction, please pm me.

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My (partial) understanding of the tfd file format. Maybe Gerwin can fill the gaps since he wrote a tfd/hfd editor.

number          variable type           description
of bytes

4               integer                 number of tiles in x (W-E) direction
4               integer                 number of tiles in y (S-N) direction
8               double                  tile size in meters

two dimensional array of tiles in row (W-E) major order, beginning in the south-west of the map:

for each tile
2               short                   texture id, references the texture tiles as follows: 
                                        texture id = NNN - 1, with NNN the number from the [textureNNN] entries in terrain_data.ini file 
2               short                   tile rotation: 0 = 0 degree, 1 = 90 degree, 2 = 180 degree, 3 = 270 degree 
                                        (I forgot if clockwise or counterclockwise)
8               ?                       ?


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and PLEASE post your findings! Us terraformers are quite interested to know

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