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Bullet impact schemes from the Code Group and the 1.6 line.

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In the original SPAW there is a B-25H with the 75mm cannon.

At the time we were just getting into altering the code with the acquisition of the source code and we hadn't explored the gun calibers so I bodged the cannon.

See, at the time there were only 4 guns possible, Light MG, Heavy MG, 20mm cannon and 30mm cannon.

Through trial and error I ended up with a 75mm cannon that was actually twenty one 30mm cannons with a firing rate of 1.3. The normal firing rate for the 30mm was around 8 so you can see it was slowed way down.

It worked great, taking three shots to destroy a freighter and 5 to take out a destroyer.

A couple of years later, Ralf had made great strides in flight modeling and ballistics so we worked together to make heavy cannons an integral part of EAW.

We ended up with 3 new cannons. Heavy (37mm to 50mm), Very Heavy ( 75mm to 88 mm) and my favorite, a 20mm revolver cannon. The last is used in some of my "what-if' 1946- 1948 scenarios since though they were in development at the end of WWII, none saw use.

While the revolver cannon is basically useless in a dogfight it is the weapon of choice for bomber interception. With a firing rate of 30 (remember, cannons are more in the range of 8-10) and a high dispersion factor the bombers have a very tough time.

Not long after that Ralf developed the last thing missing from the ballistics, that is, gun convergence. You can set it easily to your own preferences in the EAW.ini file.

So if you have a need for some big boomers, check out the 1.6 EAW line, you won't be sorry but your adversary will.


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