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  1. OHKA prototype

    Dizzy Dean, one of our great baseball players, once said "It ain't bragging if you can do it". My contention is that since it's rare that one of your models ever sees the light of day, indeed you are bragging, not doing.
  2. OHKA prototype

    Doesn't matter to me what you post. In fact, it makes my case. Players do not care one whit if there is an occasional, minor R/S issue. They do care about having a huge number of aircraft to chose from, multiple scenarios with well over 2000 different ground targets in those scenarios, different payload packages for their aircraft with all sorts of additional weapons and most importantly, when something is posted it is already available, NOT some time in the distant future. An Ideologue, OTOH, posts picture after picture of "perfect" models that will never see the light of day and brag about a dubious expertise to an ever shrinking group of followers. See the difference? Relax and have some fun or adhere to a strict protocol and suffer within the constraints of a smothering ideology. I know which one I prefer.
  3. OHKA prototype

    Simply not true. There are a massive number of aircraft available in the 1.6 development line with no R/S issues and most of them use some form of hard point attachment. In fact, my "Empty F" method takes this to it's logical end with a main section that is nothing but hard points attaching all the pieces together. Since all 3dz's are recognized in the exactly the same way by the EAW exec, of course adding my shape to your shape would work. The game doesn't know who built a particular model so there is no inherent risk associated with combining pieces from different sources. The problem is that some modders strive for ideological purity and others adhere to the idea that the enemy of good is perfect. As we know from so many real world examples, the ideologists DEMAND purity.................................all the while, realistic players couldn't care less. PS - The Okah rudder R/S was fixed as soon as I saw the screenshot but I didn't feel like reposting a new picture.
  4. OHKA prototype

    It's faster to adapt an existing nose cone than build one. No sense reinventing the wheel.
  5. OHKA prototype

    Not 100% accurate. While you can't copy and paste elements from one model to another you can easily attach separate 3dz's together with hardpoints. So you could null out the sharp edged nose elements and then find a smoother nose cone somewhere in the EAW universe and attach it to the front of the main fuselage. The whole exercise would take about 1/2 hour. FWIW, the roundest nose cone 3dz I've ever come across is the radar pod I built for the P-82. if you want to try adapting that one, you can still get it at Talley-ho.
  6. (re)birth of a carrier

    "One thing is certain these new models will not suffer from any R/S anomalies like some other carriers do." Leave off the "like some other carriers do" comment and then it would be a true statement with no condescension. vs "Some other carriers actually look like WW2 carriers." This statement did not say that the posted carrier looked bad, only that it didn't look like a WWII carrier. Which, at this point it doesn't. I hope the moderator can see the difference.
  7. SPAW2019FC

    My favorite shots from the upgrade showing the accuracy of Mr. Jelly's target editor and my perseverance - A damaged cruiser in tow by an ocean going tug: A crane offloading P-40's in Port Moresby: Deck cargo and AA guns on a freighter: Combined Airbase / Seaplane base:
  8. SPAW2019FC

    Thanks. The original SPAW was the effort of four individuals and made this upgrade quite a bit less daunting than it seems. The most difficult part was getting the guns placed just right on the carriers and the cargo on the decks of the freighters but I think it was worth it for the added realism. Enjoy.
  9. Unashamed Promo of UAW160

    So what you're saying is that there are multiple, fully functional aircraft carriers available to the community right now for those players who use the 1.6 development line?
  10. Unashamed Promo of UAW160

    Got a few more "what-ifs" in the pipeline including this one - As you can see, it's armed with two 20mm cannon and carries one air to air anti-bomber rocket, plus it's got a full smoke plume behind it. So far in flight testing testing, I haven't been able to shoot down a damn thing. It's too fast! But it is a hoot to fly for the 1/4 hour that it has fuel for. After that it's a brick. Kinda like what the real thing would have been like. Never forget, the 1.6 developers strive to keep you entertained with new releases all the time. Presently we're working on some new scenarios involving lesser known theaters of operation from WWII. Just a taste of things to come: CANTZ 506 floatplane, which of course lands and takes off from water tiles. BV138 tri-motor floatplane- Fokker G-1 - Fokker T-V Fokker 21 Fiat G-55 These are completed but there are quite a few more on the list of planes to be added to the 1.6 inventory. Short Stirling Westland Lysander P-80 F9F F11F Boomerang Ju288 Defiant Mc207 Flyable V-1 Valentia Vampire Wirraway Wellington He219
  11. The original 1.28 release

    Mr. Jelly has never taken credit for EAWPRO. Adding it as an option under the 1.6 umbrella is a perfectly reasonable thing to do and he's always made it clear that it is VBH's work. Credit HAS been given and that's as much as any of us modders can ask. You see, our work is non-proprietary, meaning that once it's out there anyone can do whatever they want with it. It doesn't matter if VBH doesn't like what Mr. Jelly is doing. The simple fact it he can't do anything about it. Of course, in a normal environment a modder would be THRILLED to have his work enjoyed by as many members as possible and so would encourage the actions of someone willing to put in the effort to incorporate their product for greater exposure. I'll give you an example of how it would work if we had a normal environment in these forums. Back in 2007 not long after the original SPAW was released by The ModSquad, I downloaded a copy from Talley-ho just see see if there were any installation problems. Everything looked OK at first and then I noticed that one of the carrier groups had been moved. When I inquired at our back forum as too the reason, it turned out that none of the groups in the ModSquad's version were close enough for online play. Seems there is no time compression in online play so the opposing forces need to be fairly close so Mr. Jelly moved the group to a better location for online play. That was fine, however, the carrier group was placed about a mile from an island AND heading right toward it. Now consider that we had toiled for a year on this project, striving for accuracy and as much realism as we could pack into the game, you can imagine we weren't too happy with this turn of events and we pitched a fit in the forum. Let me say that technically, Mr. Jelly was within his rights to do what he wanted. However, IN THE SPIRIT OF COOPERATION he offered two different versions, one for offline and one for online play. Got that? IN THE SPIRIT OF COOPERATION.
  12. Why are people using the names of my addons?

    Number of things: 1 - The term "The Final Cut" is not yours to appropriate. It would take a very large ego and a very small mind to think otherwise. 2 - Indeed, you have been working on a "Final Cut" for a decade.......that's ten years or 10% of a century. I guess it's going to be great............when it's finished. In the mean time, players can play in the 1.6 sandbox right now. A sandbox full of goodies you can not replicate even if you had a full century. 3 - As Mr. Jelly pointed out, this is my final large scale project for the EAW community, thus the name SPAW2019 Final Cut. There is no way in hell that the community is going to confuse the greatest add-on that has ever been produced for EAW with your work. Jeeeze, it doesn't even have the same name...........SPAW2019 Final Cut vs EAWPRO Final Cut. Why are your shorts in a knot over this? 4 - This thread is a perfect example of the poisonous atmosphere you bring with you wherever you go. It's sad beyond belief that you felt it necessary to start an entire thread to whine about the title of another member's hard work. And to have another member jump in and agree with you..................all without even trying the new product. You are sad, petty little boys.
  13. 160 and Support?

    I have nothing to add to my comment. I will let YOUR return comments speak for me.
  14. 160 and Support?

    When members of the EAW community write misleading things like this we will remain silent. " This sim is very daunting, to any newbie, and needlessly so. A well constructed, and well-written TUTORIAL, specifically written for NEWBIES might be of great benefit. All you old-timers are familiar with this sim, and how to set it just the way you want it. That is NOT so easy for a Newbie, and I reckon they will blow-off the game if it is too hard for them to play. Yes, all the setting-up is second-nature to old-timers, but to newbies, it is a confusing, daunting process. If you want this game to get wide-scale use, then write instructions intended for people that have ZERO familiarity with the game. V1.60 is a great sim, but the instructions for menu choices MUST be better written, and included within every download. Installing the game is sufficiently difficult to discourage most new users, sad to say. The fault is theirs, in that respect. Setting up the game, once installed, is another matter, and that process desperately needs a well-written tutorial. Submitted in all helpfulness." Laughably NOT helpful. When the misinformation related to the 1.6 development line ceases, we will be thrilled to help. We need more modders to keep the game alive but we will not do so in the current environment.
  15. EAWPRO cockpit gunflash activated

    Guys, gun flashes from nose guns are OK, probably add to the realism factor a bit but don't spend too much time admiring those wing gun flashes or your going to get shot in the a**!

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