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I tried the Euro-2000 Typhoon and the canopy is flickering. I also, when I tried a search for the matter, found this but I am afraid that he is talking about the plane WHEN is STILL in the 3D Editor, still unfinished :


"The flicker is usually caused by double faces that near each other. For example if you look from the outside, go to the section that is flickering, select Ignore backface, and see if you can select a face that is behind the outer faces. The other cause for flickering is that there are overlapping faces"


Question: is there anything that I can do NOW, with the model in hand to get rid of the flicker or am I just beatting a dead horse ? Thanks!

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Most cockpits flicker a little because of the head bounce (which you can't switch off in SF1, dammit). When the cockpit is bouncing, very fine lines start to flicker. The trick is to get hold of the cockpit graphic and make the fine lines thicker by one pixel.

I've done this to the Typhoon, and most of it is flickerless now. Mainly the buttons and lines in and around the MFDs.

But what I noticed is that he has two sets of graphics for that cluster of little buttons at the top of the panel. If you adjust the ones on the main panel, the ones on the underlay give a ghost image, because they need to be adjusted exactly the same way. I don't know why two sets are needed, but it does make it difficult to thicken up the graphics.

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