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I encountered a situation and I can't find where is the change, it eludes me. I have a plane that shows everything in metric system (I have RangeUnit=KM in avionics.ini and data.ini file). So far so good. But in cockpit.ini I have, for many different instruments  :


- ValueUnit=FEET






Question 1: How come that I see speed, height and distance in metric system if in cockpit ini everything is in imperial metric ?

Question 2 : to see speed, distances and height in metric system, is it enough for them to be specified in data.ini and avionics.ini only ? (RangeUnit=KM)


I ask that because I have another plane in which it shows me everything in "NM", "FEET" and "KTS", even if I have changed in "KM" in avionics.ini and data.ini. That is why I am puzzled and I can't pinpoint where is the catch. Could anyone explain me what I am doing wrong or what I am missing please ? Thank you

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check in aircraft data.ini :


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