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Does anyone please, anyone at all, have the KJ-1 (aka TU-4 Bull AWAC) rotordome LODs ?? There are three declared in the ini file of the fakeseat, but in the package is just the first one unfortunately, the other two are missing and, as a consequence, I can't see the rotordome from distance...

TU4AWACroto.ini file lines:





Rotordome section in data.ini file:


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Hi UllyB.

Apparently, these distant LODs simply do not exist. Maybe you don't need them at all? Simply edit the INI file, increasing the range of the main LOD file.

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It might work for aircraft LODs, if you have the last LOD (the most far distance), but it won't work for canards/rotodome/etc unless you have the distance LOD (the last one). I wish it would be so simple.

This what tried: I made three LODs, using the only one , multiplying it, and then I changed the names accordingly with the ini file and it didn't work.

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I solved the issue and that is the merit of Crawford, who pointed out that replacing a fakepilot won't work, because a pilot LOD distance is limited (from its design) to 200m no matter what one would do, which didn't cross my mind until now.  I had the same issue, in the past, with the SU-30SM canards and I abandoned then the pursuit for a solution. Now I applied this trick and it worked. I can see the canards from 2000m, without have them disappear. The same should work for the rotodome. I'll be back after testing with the results.


yep, it works, the rotodome is now visible all the way up to 2000m. Case closed.

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