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  1. I-15bis (I-152) fought in China - a slightly different modification of the aircraft. They had a different engine (with a NACA hood) and a “normal” upper wing (not in the seagull shape).
  2. I pray for your speedy recovery, comrade!
  3. Alas, the problem is not in terrains at all. As you can see, in the 3D model of your Bo-105 there are no Fast/SlowPropNodes for the Tail Rotor. Therefore, simply editing DATA.INI can't fix anything. The game engine cannot rotate the prop at high speed if this is not included in the model. With some caveats, this works well with a wind-driven fuel pumps and generators of aircraft of the WWI (Camel F1, Salmson 2A2, RAF FE8, Martinsyde G100 etc) and WW2, but it is practically unsuitable for the main propellers and rotors.
  4. Spanish Civil War - Heinkel He.51

    Any rather bad sight wouldn't be a bad thing for the Heinkel too
  5. Spanish Civil War - Heinkel He.51

    Thank you Steve, this is a very cool mod. Interestingly, version 1.0.0 is indicated. This allows us to hope that after a while a new version will appear with a large number of simple but attractive details (air flow divider in front of the radiator, step on board near the cockpit and steps on the landing gear struts)? ;)
  6. New Aircraft

    Yes, those guys have both versions of the Pfalz D.3, but Geezer’s work is many, many times better!
  7. Hi! As long as UllyB is "on station", I'll take the liberty to answer for him. So, here are the screenshots that were attached. Apparently, the model Tu-160 is expected to be very good. Perhaps, it even more closely matches the prototype than the model by Veltro2k (in the Download section he recently published his version of the Blackjack, but with a B-1B cockpit).
  8. Happy Independence Day

  9. TU-160 Blackjack

    Convert this plane for SF1
  10. TU-160 Blackjack

    Convert this airplane for SF1, please!
  11. so quiet in here....

    It's summer ...

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