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  1. Baffin.zip

    It's just a nightmare!
  2. New Aircraft

    Yes, you are right, of course. But on the 3D-model this will not be reflected in any way. )
  3. New Aircraft

    Thank you, Von S. I can only add that this same model can also depict the Nieuport 25 and late Nieuport 24 without a tailskid fairing. There is practically no differences between these planes, except for the engine and the split undercarriage for the N25 and N27 (the split axle was copied from the "Sopvitch"). Other minor differences are the size of the left hatch and the position of the air intakes (it's depended on the type of carburetor), but these little things can be ignored. In the game we just don't notice the split axle or one additional wire. ))
  4. FW-190A4

    It's designed for and works only in SF2 series. And will never work in SF1.
  5. New Aircraft

    Hi, Von S. Why do you think that the engine doesn't rotate to yet on the Nie.23 series? It seems to me that the engine blurs dut doesn't rotate on the Nieuport23_Lewis only. Maybe we have different LODs? By the way, the Nie.23 series is just that case (along with both Pfalz D.III and D.IIIa planes) when the distant LODs are working normally. Nieuport23.OUT Nieuport23.LOD P.S. And what's wrong with the Nieu.27? It seems to me that this is a completely finished model, no worse than Geezer's N17 or N23...
  6. New Aircraft

    Addition to my top message. Both of these utilities are somewhere in the downloads section, but they are long to be looked for. So just unpack the archive and use it. No additional installation are required. dds2tga_converter__Hex-editor.rar
  7. New Aircraft

    Yes, it is possible. Of course, what you are talking about is not a white camo. It's just a naked 3d model, or so to say, an "albino". The fact is, that our FE1 sees only skins in BMP format, while Geezer uses DDS format for his new models (except for the Halberstadt CL.IV). There is nothing difficult in converting skins of one format to skins of another format using a special utility and any graphics editor (I use FastStone Image Viewer). But that is not all. In order for the game to see these textures, it is necessary that the LODs refer to them. This means that you will also need to edit the LODs, prescribing .bmp instead of .dds. For this purpose the program Hex-editor XVI32 is intended. It's quite tiny and it's not very difficult to use, but editing takes time and attention.
  8. New Aircraft

    You're welcome
  9. New Aircraft

    Hi guys! Recently I happened to meet in the air with an Elephant (in other words - Geezer's Martinside G.100), and I saw that his Rotherham fuel pump is still motionless. Why do not we make it work? Use the simplest method by which we revived the Camel's fuel pump. Open the data file with Notepad. Find a [Fuselage] section and add the string SystemName[001]=InternalGun1 SystemName[002]=LeftMainGear SystemName[003]=RightMainGear SystemName[004]=MainFuelTank SystemName[005]=Pilot SystemName[006]=RearGunner SystemName[007]=MachineGun SystemName[008]=BombRackE SystemName[009]=BombRackF SystemName[010]=BombRackG SystemName[011]=BombRackH SystemName[012]=FuelPump <------------------------------------------------ Add this entry RemoveNode[001]=Fuselage DetachNode[001]=Wing Lower middle L DetachNode[002]=Wires L DetachNode[003]=Wing Lower middle R DetachNode[004]=Wires R DetachNode[005]=Tail Then scroll down and in the Engines section, add the following entry [FuelPump] ReferenceName=Rotherham_fuel_pump SystemType=PROP_ENGINE InputName=THROTTLE_CONTROL EngineID=2 SLPowerDry=60.0 ThrustAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 ThrustPosition=0.0,0,0.0,0.0 //ThrottleRate=0.5 ThrottleRate=0.7 AltitudeTableNumData=14 AltitudeTableDeltaX= 514.4 AltitudeTableStartX=0.0 AltitudeTableData= 1.000,0.975,0.854,0.700,0.590,0.457,0.361,0.279,0.209,0.185,0.095,0.050,0.015,0.000 SpinnerNodeName=RotherhamShaft StaticPropNodeName=RotherhamProp SlowPropNodeName=RotherhamProp FastPropNodeName=RotherhamProp SlowPropRPM=2200 FastPropRPM=3800 MaxPropRPM=4500 IdlePropRPM=1600 BSFC=0.00001 MinExtentPosition=-0.43, 0.74,-0.54 MaxExtentPosition=-0.50, 0.65,-0.60 ConstantSpeed=FALSE NumBlades=2 PropDiameter=0.25 Save the changes, and as a result you get a 'working' fuel pump. The same should be done with the MartinsydeG102_DATA.ini.
  10. Senator John McCain dies at age 81

  11. New Aircraft

    He flew away, but promised to return ... (с)
  12. New Aircraft

    Hello Von S and all the other comrades! You are right, friends, and the problem with LOD files. I can say more specifically - with the distant LODs. It is interesting that this bug does not come with all the new Geezer's models, but only with some. I do not know why this happens. But this bug can be fixed. You can make a backup of the ini file, then delete all the LODs except the first one and run the game. The plane should show up. Then try adding the LODs back in, one at a time until it stops working. Then adjust the distances in the ini file. In the file named CaudronR11.ini change the distance in LOD001 to 7000: [LOD001] Filename= CaudronR11.lod Distance=7000 Then delete LOD002, through LOD004. Of course, this will slow down the game a bit if you have a weak PC. But there is no other solution. If you are sorry to delete the broken files, just edit the main file of each aircraft. Example [LOD001] Filename=Nieuport17.LOD //Distance=200 Distance=8000 //[LOD002] Filename=Nieuport17_LOD2.LOD Distance=500 //[LOD003] Filename=Nieuport17_LOD3.LOD Distance=1500 //[LOD004] Filename=Nieuport17_LOD4.LOD Distance=8000
  13. Albatros DII early skin

    I love "shabby" planes! Thank you, Eugene!
  14. Siemens-Schuckert D.I uploaded

    It looks like you're right. I was playing with Geezer's Junkers J.I (also known as a "tin donkey") - I tried to get its control surfaces, landing gear and propeller to work correctly. And I noticed that initially the effect of propeller untwist was absent, but then it appeared.
  15. Siemens-Schuckert D.I uploaded

    P.S. The most interesting thing is that the propeller does not stop short at other planes made by Stephen. We can recall his Nie.12, SPAD-11/16, Roland D.II, for example. Apparently, in the case of SSW D.I , S-16 and the SPAD A.2 )) , Steven simply "forgot" to fasten to them this effect.

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