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  1. Papenmeyer Albatros DIII(OAW) skin

    I have no idea who Wilhelm Papenmeyer is, but the skin is really gorgeous!
  2. I have no idea who Wilhelm Papenmeyer is, but the skin is really beautiful !
  3. Sukhoi Su-57 (T-50-5)

    Este es un modelo pirateado, y está prohibido incondicionalmente aquí de acuerdo con la política del sitio.
    Another tremendous creation!
  4. Yes, I know that. However, all this does not refute what I said in the commentary above.
  5. It is possible to edit LODs so that they refer to textures of the jpeg format instead of bmp. But you don't have to edit the LODs to make jpgs work on 1stGen models in SF2. You just simply use jpg skins. The game does the rest.
  6. 200 megabytes archive ??? Isn't this a condensed version of the Library of Congress?
  7. You just need to download the latest WinRAR archiver (not lower than wrar560 version) : https://www.win-rar.com/download.html?L=0 By the way, it's completely free.
  8. Sikorsky AH-60L BattleHawk

    F*ck! This shit doesn't want to fly in my SF1! Convert this to ANSI format, or I will have to file a complaint against you for discrimination against people with disabilities!
  9. Skin Albatros oefD3 ba253/ba153

    Absolutely gorgeous!
  10. Thank you, but it would be more convenient for users if all these files were enclosed in one rar or zip archive. And, by the way, Su-57 also has a two-color pixel camouflage at the bottom ;)
  11. I do, too. The SF1 system in this case is not too different from SF2. You were correctly told that you need to extract the SOUNDLIST.ini from the the FlightData cat. After extraction, it will appear in your Flight folder. If you don’t use the SFP1E Extract utility (it can be downloaded here in the SF1 Download section), then just drop this file into your Flight folder. SOUNDLIST.INI Also, in the DATA.ini of each aircraft there are basic sound settings. Something like that: [Sound] EngineSoundName=JetEngine DamagedEngineSound= FlapsSoundName=Flaps AirbrakesSoundName=Airbrakes GearsSound=Gear
  12. This is not what I say, but RUSSIAN aviation specialists. By the way, Indian experts said the same thing when they motivated their refusal to acquire the Su-57. It’s not my fault that this unexpected new information broke your template.
  13. This Russian Su-57 is not a 5th gen airplane! The maximum that it reaches is 4 ++. Russian fighter does not meet the stated requirements of secrecy. Also, its combat avionics, radars and sensors of Russian design do not meet the standards of a 5th generation combat aircraft. And most importantly - these are engines, old, like mammoth shit, which are on the Su-27. An air expert, a former designer of the Sukhoi Design Bureau, Vadim Lukashevich, in his interview NSN, explained why the Su-57 can still not be considered 5th gen aircraft. “Fifth generation aircraft have three key indicators. This is a supersonic cruising speed, low visibility and the combination of all aircraft systems into a single complex. If we compare American aircraft with ours, then ours is not the fifth generation yet. It still does not meet the indicator of stealth, it needs to be brought up. There are no full-time engines that will allow you to match in speed. The Americans, if we talk about the F-22, it’s a full fifth generation aircraft, ” - he explained.
  14. SF2 F-35A Vermont ANG skin


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