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  1. Well, then medicine is powerless. I’m still sure that this bug can be fixed somehow, but ... I can’t make a better diagnosis, given the distance between us ... Perhaps I would recommend changing the screens format to JPG instead of BMP. Use the graphic editor convenient for you. And, for the sake of fidelity, change the corresponding lines in the .ini files wwicaporetto01.ini wwicaporetto01_DATA.INI However, I cannot be sure that this will solve your problem ...
  2. Yes, it seems that all the files are completely consistent ... There is another option: try dropping these BMP screens into the main "Menu" folder (not the campaign menu, but the menu of the game itself).
  3. Jet Pilot SF1

    Probably, the pilot has been looking at the target all this time)) If this annoys you, try experimenting with the numbers in the AIRCRAFTOBJECT.ini file - the [PilotHeadMovement] section. [PilotHeadMovement] PilotPitchUpLimit=30.0 PilotPitchDownLimit=-20.0 PilotYawLimit=90.0 PilotPanYawRate=80 PilotPanPitchRate=35 PilotCheckRate=2.5 PilotLookCameraChance=50 PilotLookTargetChance=75 PilotLookDownChance=25 PilotLookScanChance=50 PilotLookTurnMinG=2.0 PilotLookTurnAngle=4.0 PilotLookTurnChance=20 PilotLookGroundMinAlt=100.0 PilotLookGroundChance=80
  4. Jet Pilot SF1

  5. It cannot be. If it works for everyone, then why should you be an exception? Please drop here your Main Caporetto ini.file and in the Caporetto DATA.ini file and add a screenshot of the contents of your Menu folder.
  6. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    Um, I apologize, but how does your skin differ from the one that already exists? This model still needs a few small details and a slight change in the wires between the landing gears ... And the rest - it's all right
  7. It is very strange. There may be only two reasons: either the files are not where they should be, or the game does not see them because of their inconsistency. In such cases, it is recommended to reinstall the mod. In FEG, the Campaign Screens are in the "Menu" folder. Unfortunately, I don’t know where they should be in the 2nd Generation game.
  8. Indeed, what is the fate of this long-term project?
  9. Please see what is indicated in your Main Caporetto ini.file and in the Caporetto DATA.ini file in the [Campaign Data] section - the names of screenshots and their format are indicated there.
  10. Oh, no, I didn’t mean the resolution of the display, but the resolution of screenshots that do not want to be displayed. The fact is that the FE1 game engine does not like it when the size of the image for the Menu exceeds 1024x768 pixels (the same applies to the Hangar screen for each aircraft, at the same time, the size of the Download image does not matter).
  11. Sorry, Shousa, what generation game are you using? Most likely, the reason is either in the format of the screens- JPG or BMP, or in the screens resolution .
  12. Jet Pilot SF1

    This one runs fine NOT ONLY in SFP1 Series , but in Strike Fighters 2 too. Because the 2nd Gens accepts both ANSI and Unicode files and skins of JPG and BMP formats, while the 1st Gens accepts ANSI files and BMP format textures only. By the way, in the SFP1 series games, there is no separate “Pilot” folder, so unzipped folder named "GK-Pilot" need to be thrown directly into your Objects/Aircraft folder. ;)
  13. NID-52 Skin pack

    No pasaran!
  14. Jet pilot

  15. Jet pilot

    Yes, now everything works as it should! The only thing I needed to do was save the textures in the BMP format (1st Gens doesn't see the JPG format) and slightly fix the LOD so that it refers to the BMP textures (this can be done without 3ds Max). Thank you very much!

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