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  1. Hi! As long as UllyB is "on station", I'll take the liberty to answer for him. So, here are the screenshots that were attached. Apparently, the model Tu-160 is expected to be very good. Perhaps, it even more closely matches the prototype than the model by Veltro2k (in the Download section he recently published his version of the Blackjack, but with a B-1B cockpit).
  2. Happy Independence Day

  3. TU-160 Blackjack

    Convert this plane for SF1
  4. TU-160 Blackjack

    Convert this airplane for SF1, please!
  5. so quiet in here....

    It's summer ...
  6. F-86 Ethiopia

  7. Just arm yourself with patience. Limiting the number of downloads is a general procedure for ALL members, except for those who have bought unlimited access. https://combatace.com/store/category/1-subscription-plans/?view=list
  8. Let me know what is the fate of this project? Work in progress or already forgotten and abandoned?
  9. No, this is clearly not the 219th. This is probably something from the "What if?" hangar.
  10. It seems to me that something similar has already been discussed here ) https://combatace.com/forums/topic/91066-new-aircraft/?page=16
  11. LODViewer

    Of course, the 32-bit version we can not wait? :)
  12. Yes, it's cool, but this is a fictional paint schemes.

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