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  1. / Internal Guns --------------------------------------------------------- [LeftMachineGun] SystemType=FIXED_GUN GunTypeName=303CAL_VICKERS_MK1 InputName=FIRE_PRIMARY_GUN GunFireAnimationID=4 GunGroup=1 MuzzlePosition=-0.155,1.275,0.667 //AimAngles=0.0,-3.0,0.0 AimAngles=0.0,1.0,0.0 MaxAmmo=380 EjectShells=TRUE EjectPosition=-0.35,0.37,0.5 EjectVelocity=-1.5,-0.25,-0.5 [RightMachineGun] SystemType=FIXED_GUN GunTypeName=303CAL_VICKERS_MK1 InputName=FIRE_PRIMARY_GUN GunFireAnimationID=4 GunGroup=2 <--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<<<< MuzzlePosition=0.155,1.275,0.667 //AimAngles=0.0,-3.0,0.0 AimAngles=0.0,1.0,0.0 MaxAmmo=380 EjectShells=TRUE EjectPosition=0.35,0.37,0.5 EjectVelocity=1.5,-0.25,-0.5 I think that would be better. You can shoot from the left or right gun of your choice, or from both guns at once (the choice with the Semicolon key). This will add a bit of "realism": originally we have two triggers on the control stick, not just one ))
  2. why am I exploding when...

    No, these are completely different things! During the game, such glitches can really happen, which are on your screenshots. Also, allied aircraft can fly through each other. But this is a banal game engine glitch. At the same time, at the beginning of the mission, the engine does not do such nonsense. Your planes collide and explode. When you change the formation, this garbage disappears. I know this for sure, because I have encountered this problem before. As for the austria thing, there may indeed be a few Austrias. For example: [Nation030] Name = Austria2 DisplayName = Austrian2 Army Air Service Alignment = ENEMY PilotNameList = NamesGerman.lst RankList = RanksGAS.lst CallsignList = Formation.Fighter = Fighter Formation.Attack = Attack Formation.Bomber = Bomber Formation.Transport = Bomber Formation.Tank = TankSpread Formation.MobileAD = AD PilotTrainingStandard = NORMAL GenderRatio = 0 DebriefSuccessMusic = DebriefSuccess.wav DebriefFailMusic = DebriefFail.wav DebriefKilledMusic = DebriefKilled.wav SpeechFile = SpeechTextFile = Medals = MedalsGAS.ini MedalTextFile = MedalsWWI.str ActiveDate = 09/01/1918 AlternateDecal = Austria2_Third [Nation031] Name = Austria2_Third ActiveDate = 07/01/1918 AlternateDecal = Austria2_Second [Nation032] ActiveDate = 10/01/1916 Name = Austria2_Second AlternateDecal = Austria2_First [Nation033] Name = Austria2_First Check if the nation matches the aircraft in its DATA.INI.
  3. why am I exploding when...

    Austria is not displayed because it is not in the list of available nations. I already told you: edit your NATIONS. INI file!!! If you don't believe me that the whole reason is in the formation, conduct an experiment. Select in the "Loadout" menu fly alone (remove all your wingman) and start a mission in the air. And nothing will happen to your plane, it will not “explode”. Because it's not an "explosion", it's a collision!
  4. New Aircraft

    In 1916-1917, the MS Type P used by the French Aeronautique Militaire as a scout on the western front, together with the Parasols of early modifications. Not a single French squadron was fully equipped with the MS Type P, although in many squadrons several airplanes of this type flew. In 1916, 142 planes were transferred to the British. 2 divisions of the British "Moranes" took part in the battle of the Somme.
  5. New Aircraft

    And here are clearly visible Russian identification marks.
  6. New Aircraft

    Here are some more photos of the Smirnov's aircraft. In the late spring of 1917 pilot non-commissioned officer Ivan Smirnov on this airplane, together with Ensign Malyshev from the IVth Corps Detachment (also on a Monocoque), won one of his 9 victories. The aircraft had a standard 'yellow' camouflage, typical of French aircraft of the period 1916 - mid 1917. The entire aircraft was painted yellow, with one yellow paint used for wood and plywood parts, and another for canvas. Therefore, the nose part looks lighter. Identification marks (Russian cockades) were appeared in 4 positions. On the rudder, the emblem of the 19th KAO is a skull with crossed bones ('Adam's head'). The aircraft still has an outline along the fuselage spars and edges of the wings and tail. Ivan Smirnov and his “guest” - the captured German aviator Alfred Heft. Flying on the MS Type I, Ivan Smirnov won his 2nd victory (he won the first on the Nie-10, the 3rd and 4th victories he scored on the Nie-17, but the 5th victory - again on the Morane I (September 8, 1917). All other victories he already scored on the SPAD VII. Another Russian MS Type 6, 8th Fighter Squadron (presumably), spring-summer 1917. The aircraft received such a look and paint scheme after an overhaul in Russia. As for the cockpit interior, it is difficult to say anything definite. I have a couple of photos of broken Monococks, but nothing is clear there...
  7. New Aircraft

    On the famous photo of Ivan Smirnov some details of the cockpit interior are visible: Morane-Saulnier I (serial number MS740) from the 19th Kao, which in March-April 1917 was flown by senior non-commissioned officer Smirnov, who scored his second victory on it.
  8. New Aircraft

    According to the documents of the 19th KAO, on this machine (MS839) also used Lewis, but not Madsen, as depicted on the profile. By that time, Madsen machine guns were practically not used in Russian aviation. Only a few copies of the M-S Type P (supposedly no more than 10) have arrived in Russia. Here they were named a "Morane-4" or abbreviated - "Морчет", Morchet (this corresponds to the reduction of the "Mor-four"). The “Morchets” used on the Russian-German front, in particular the 19th Corps Air Squadron (19th KAO) and the 1st Combat Air Group (1st BAG) of Kozakov. In the Kozakov's air group these planes were initially considered to be two-seat fighters, but by the spring of 1917 they were replaced by "Nieuports" and "SPADs". The plane did not win the sympathy of pilots. Despite the significantly increased rates, the aircraft lost all the pleasure inherent in the Type L, was strict in piloting and didn't forgive mistakes. This was due to the fact that the attempt to improve the flight data of the aircraft only by replacing the engine with a more powerful one and by improving the aerodynamics did not take into account the centering of the aircraft, the efficiency of control, etc. The photo shows a Morane-4 of the 7th KAO.
  9. New Aircraft

    Each time, better and better. I love to look at these pictures. Sometimes I look at the picture once in the morning, and then look out the window - it's already evening there ...
  10. TU-160

    The project was covered with a copper basin ...
  11. why am I exploding when...

    You did not bother me at all ... With all these mods and addons, one thing doesn't run, then another. As a rule, reinstalling the game solves many such problems...
  12. why am I exploding when...

    Well, there is a simpler way. First of all, we need to know which aircraft you are trying to fly when an explosion occurs (you and your wingman start a mission at one point). Then in the NATIONS.INI file change the number of the formation (this file also needs to be extracted from MissionData.cat). For example, if such a nuisance happens to you with a Nieuport-28, you must find USAS in the NATIONS.INI file. Then change the the fighter formation for this nation as follows: [Nation001] Name = USAS DisplayName = US Army Air Service Alignment = FRIENDLY PilotNameList = NamesUS.lst RankList = RanksUSAF.lst CallsignList = Formation.Fighter = Fighter3 <------------------------ instead of the initial line 'Formation.Fighter = Fighter' Formation.Attack = Fighter Formation.Bomber = Bomber Formation.Transport = Bomber Formation.Tank = Tank Formation.MobileAD = AD PilotTrainingStandard = POOR
  13. why am I exploding when...

    It is not you who explode; this is a collision with one of your wingman. Just change the formation in the FORMATION.INI file in the Flight folder (you may need to first extract it from MissionData.cat)
  14. New Aircraft


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