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  1. help getting mods to work

    But why? A more productive engine, the ability to use a bump and specular-mapping, a simpler modding and some other sweets... However, I also prefer FE1 - maybe because I don't have FE2. If my memory serves me, not long ago you also did not have a 2ndGens. So I congratulate you on a new acquisition.
  2. Thanks for the answer. But, unfortunately, I have no other SF, except for the 1st generation. That's why I asked. High resolution usually does not cause problems, but if the LODs are created in Unicode, then SFP1 simply doesn't see them.
  3. help getting mods to work

    In follows that you have already switched to the second generation?
  4. Does it work in 1stGens?
  5. Banidos J-31

    I like this work. The main thing is that the model is flying fine in my 1stGens.
  6. Of course. But nowhere, except for modern Russia, this celebration is not the central event of the year and nowhere acquires the character of a cult and mass insanity.
  7. Hi guys. Here is the TGA file which adds Russian experimental "reduced visibility" insignia for the PAK FA T-50. For those who know what to do with it. RedStar.tga As far as I know, such "contour" red stars have not been used anywhere else. Most likely, due to the fact that, by and large, when the radar makes it possible to detect the enemy or friendly aircraft long before visual contact, the identification marks loses its importance. Now identification marks are painted only by tradition, so their "reduced visibility" does not matter at all. The second reason, of course, is that the red stars are a subject of particular pride for the Russians (with a predominance of post-Soviet thinking). The cult of Victory in the Great Patriotic War is practically a religion in modern Russia. Therefore, any attempt to change something is perceived as blasphemy or encroachment on the shrine - symbols of the Great Victory. For example, an attempt to “update” the identification marks of the Russian Air Force in March 2010 by adding a blue border (so that the colors of the badges match the colors of the Russian flag) was met with incomprehension and caused negative emotions. After all, in January 2013, the Soviet red star was returned to its former appearance.
  8. Short answer... MONEY. They have not enough money...
  9. Pak Fa "Russian Grey Camo

    Why be rude? Check your private messages.
  10. I don’t know if they heard about the PAK FA, but, according to Russian propaganda 'experts', NATO is so afraid of this bird that makes one shit in his pants! 'Cause "there are no analogues in the world!" (c)
  11. Pak Fa "Russian Grey Camo

    Um .. It's funny. There is a skin, but there is no model anywhere ...
  12. Um .. Yes indeed. There is a skin, but there is no model anywhere ...
  13. Pak Fa "Russian Grey Camo

    The T-50, not Su-50. It known as the PAK FA (the Pespective aviation Complex for Front-line Aviation), T-50 or Su-57.
  14. The T-50, not Su-50. In August 2017, the PAK FA (the Pespective aviation Complex for Front-line Aviation), also known as the T-50, received the official serial name of the fifth-generation fighter Su-57. I can also add that this skin is not completely accurate. In this color scheme, the red stars were indicated only by a contour. Later, the Su-57 got fashionable digital camo (so called "pixel") -

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