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  1. New Aircraft

    No, there is no water there. As a rule, air cooling motors were installed on this aircraft. What you have mistaken for a hot water tank is actually a gas tank.
  2. New Aircraft

    A couple of links to the walkarounds. Maybe they will be something useful for you. http://www.wwi-models.org/Photos/AH/DI/index.html http://www.idflieg.com/aviatik-berg-di.htm With these Aviatiks, the story is the same as with the SPAD-7s - many options depending on the plant and series. And even within the same series, the shape and details of the cowlings could be different.
  3. Caporetto Campaign

    It may well be that the author of the book chose the pilot's name not by chance. The fact is that the Procházka or Stary Procházka (the Old Walker in the sense of 'incapable womanizer') is a disgraceful nickname the Czechs gave to the decrepit Kaiser Franz Joseph I.
  4. New Aircraft

    You're welcome. Since these monoplanes were produced an incredible amount in all sorts of variations, then for the current model makers any work will be in a certain sense an improvisation “based on” the Blériot XI. IMHO, the cockpit of the Swedish Thulin A (licence-built Blériot XI) is the most understandable in numerous photos. Maybe this site will add some details? http://www.oxygino.com/site/?p=5430#sthash.3061ry8Q.dpbs As you look at the cockpit you'll notice the control stick, called the cloche, that bell-shaped housing that's named after a lady's dress style of the period. The wheel on the top of the control stick really doesn't turn or anything. It's just something to hold on to. You can see the wires that are attached just to the sides of that bell housing and those go out to the control surfaces. They go to the elevators, to the wing warp on the wings, and then you can see the rudder bar—a wooden footrest almost—and that's what you would use to operate the rudder. Instrumentation was very, very limited. Usually it was just an oil pressure gauge and a tachometer, maybe a barometer, but for the most part it was just basic instrumentation. Blériots were used a great deal for the Great War in 1914-15. And navigation was coming into its own at that time, so they were learning about using maps and using a compass and things like that.
  5. New Aircraft

    Well, in the case of Bleriot you will not encounter such a problem. Its oil pressure gauge is extremely simple. In FE, as I recall, the castor oil in the flask actually pulsates only in the cockpit of the Morane-Saulnier N “Bullet” by p10ppy. For all other aircraft, the oil in the glass remains fixed. This is not as realistic as that of Moran, but this is also an option.
  6. New Aircraft

    Why not? Fully imagine!
  7. New Aircraft

    However, the instruments could be located to the left of the pilot
  8. New Aircraft

    And a few more photos: http://www.airminded.net/bleriot/bleriot82.html
  9. New Aircraft

    Here's another interesting perspective) http://www.aerodrome.se/?page_id=68#
  10. New Aircraft

    Oh, I wouldn't be in your place. This aircraft is very difficult to model. There's a hell of a lot of wires! In addition, you will not find two identical airplanes, considering that Bleriots were made by everyone who will take the trouble... )) Maybe this photo of Bleriot XI type 2 will be useful to you? Seems from Windsock Datafile 108 THE BLERIOT XI AT WAR
  11. New Aircraft

    Unfortunately (including for a patriot of Ukraine like me), this is a fictitious decal. The images of this aircraft are pseudo-historical fantasy. Not only there are no photos of the Berg with tridents, but also in the documents there is not a single mention of the presence of Aviatik Berg in the aviation of the Westеrn-Ukrainian People's Republic... In addition, even identification marks are fiction.
  12. New Aircraft

    Yes, a very curious plane. By the way, one such aircraft appeared in Russia (it was among various types of aircraft delivered to the allies for the purpose of familiarization). During the Civil War it flew a red "aсe" Yuri Bratolubov. But the most interesting thing is that this triplane has survived to the present day. Now it's in the aviation museum in Monino (near Moscow). Unfortunately, it was barbarously restored and wildly painted ... https://vikond65.livejournal.com/24028.html?view=44504284#t44504284
  13. New Aircraft

    What a brave man! Smokes at the controls of the airplane! Of course, Hubert Latham, one of the pioneers of aviation, lit cigarettes right in the air, but this is still the exception rather than the rule.
  14. I understood you. In this case, you only need this program, as mentioned above. Hex-editor_XVI32.rar
  15. Pomilio PE Uploaded

    Does this mean that we will have Ansaldo SVA.4 or A.1 Balilla? Or maybe a new "spider" with a "little coffin"?

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