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I am seriously thinking about modeling an F-94A and F-94C (possibly B also) Starfire for Strike Fighters.


The problem is: I know absolutely nothing about 3D modeling! :x :evil: :cry: :(


I was wondering if anyone could show me what the best free modeling app available is, and how the devil to use it. Once (and IF) I manage to complete the models I will send them to someone else to be textured (outside and cockpit) and have the flight model perfected.


Anyone willing to help a skill-less dirtbag like me take this on? :)

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Guest Ranger332

I ca help with some info gathering











Span w/ tip tanks 38' 9"

Wing Area 234' 8"

Length 40' 1"

Height 12' 7"

Empty Weight 9,557 lbs.

Max Gross TO Weight 15,710 lbs.

Max Safe Landing Weight 13,400 lbs.

Wheel Track 8' 7"

Max Speed @ Sea Level 606 mph

Combat Speed (Basic Mission) 474 kt

Initial Rate of Climb 4,250 fpm

Service Ceiling 46,000 ft.

Combat Radius 332 sm

Ferry Range 905 sm

Armament-machine guns 4-50 cal.

Engine-G.E. J-33A-33


*For a more detailed history of the F-94 Starfire visit www.lockheedmartin




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Thanks! What I need is info on where to find the best free 3D model app online and a good tutorial for doing these sort of aircraft for Strike Fighters.


Detailed info on handling, flight mechanics, and the Hughes E-1 and E-5 fire control systems would also be good---unless someone wants to handle all the INI work for me.

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actually I worked on a few parts from the airframe that were used in the T33 as well as the basic engine model as used in the T33...much the same aircraft....belive the cockpit/canopy are the same as well as some of the gear and many of the accessories of the time.


BTW...I'm not old enough to have worked on it in real life...no..sir..ree...


There were 2 prototype and actual ANG T33's at the tech school i went to.

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Hi, your best bet is 3d Studio Max 5. Sorry! It ain't free. It's a lot of $$$, but most of the people are satisfied with what they buy. I am :). Too bad I can't get my head around it :lol:. Anyway, you can find a cheap version at Ebay.


And you can download Mustang's set of instructional videos for building 3d planes. Click here to download...


Contact me if you still want free version...



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