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  1. Wowow! Now both look STUNNING!! I wouldn't say that the second one looks realistic. It looks like a sci-fi game. Now the first one is GREAT. One thing you could do is ease it on the purple, and add a little more orange. Once again, great job. Best looking ABs in SF!
  2. looks really realistic, with the clouds and all :)
  3. they look OH, SO MUCH BETTER!!! superb, dude! hey, have you had any luck with the rest of the sky objects?
  4. looks good to me :D hows the rest of the stuff you were wokring on?
  5. See ya for now

    You're in our prayers. Come home safely.
  6. the seat sticks out of the canopy too but it could be easily fixed in Max
  7. Who-ho-ho-hoa! MITCH, YOU ARE THE MAN!!! One question: when you shoot the Tower down, does it immediately fall down to the ground, or does it fall like an animation?
  8. Hey Beer Isn't one of the models there (like a red and white object with antennas on the top) yours? It seems pretty similar to one you posted the other day, was a pic in the water :?
  9. i'd really want to see this plane in game too. O.T.: watch how the "Views" suddenly raise up when I post this reply :twisted:
  10. Great Job, Mitch! We need these types of models for SF :D
  11. Beer, these objects are great :D SF needs lots of these things, so keep at it :D
  12. woah, that is one wierd-lookin' plane, but hell it's sweet :D
  13. hey biosurge, extract the PARTICLESYSTEM.INI from the Flight.cat file. Open this .INI with wordpad and then find the next thing... [EmitterType072] Name=AfterburnerEmitter EmissionType=ORIENTED_EMITTER UpdateType=NON_MOVING MaxVisibleDistance=8000.000000 EmissionRate=0.002500 EmissionVolume=0.010000,0.010000,0.010000 EmissionVelocityTableType=CONSTANT EmissionVelocity=0.000000,-120.000000,0.000000 HasLightSource=TRUE LightColor=0.405,0.396,0.342 LightRange=500.0 LightSrcOffset=0.0,0.0,0.0 ParticleUpdateType=SIMPLE_POINT ParticleRenderType=SPRITE ParticleRandomOrientation=TRUE ParticleLifeTime=0.040000 ParticleLifeTimeDeviation=0.035000 ParticleWeight=-0.10000 ParticleRandomness=0.010000 ParticleDragFactor=20.000000 ParticleInheritence=0.900000 ParticleColorTableType=TABLE ParticleColor[01].Time=0.000000 ParticleColor[01].Value=0.450000,0.450000,0.450000,0.400000 ParticleColor[02].Time=0.200000 ParticleColor[02].Value=0.350000,0.350000,0.350000,0.300000 ParticleColor[03].Time=0.700000 ParticleColor[03].Value=0.160000,0.150000,0.100000,0.150000 ParticleColor[04].Time=1.000000 ParticleColor[04].Value=0.000000,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000 ParticleSizeTableType=TABLE ParticleSize[01].Time=0.000000 ParticleSize[01].Value=0.450000 ParticleSize[02].Time=0.100000 ParticleSize[02].Value=0.520000 ParticleSize[03].Time=0.600000 ParticleSize[03].Value=0.500000 ParticleSize[04].Time=0.800000 ParticleSize[04].Value=0.350000 ParticleSize[05].Time=1.000000 ParticleSize[05].Value=0.000000 ParticleSizeDeviation=0.035000 TextureMaterial=AfterburnerMaterial g^max :D
  14. lookin' better. too many little squares.. and still repetitive. Hey, gotten any luck with the moon, stars, and constellations?

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