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I have set up a Front just devoted to Italy WW1, I was hooked on the Italy and Caporetto terrains so with VonS WONDERFUL tweaked flight models and realism pack.

I downloaded nearly all the WW1 planes in VonS Italy folder  can't find the AviatkD1 / AviatkD1 230 / Voisin 3120 no problem I can live without them.

Also on the I think it is the Caporetto map the telegraph post are solid looks like a graphic problem on my side any way I am enjoying FE2 so much.

So a very big THANK YOU to you all that contributed to this great sim you have made an old man very happy, (one last thing don't tell anyone I have IL2 Flying Circus and at the moment it is not half as much fun as FE2 WW1 Italy)


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I'm in a similar situation. Even though I bought 20 or so aircraft for Rise of Flight recently (at discount for about 2 dollars apiece), I still spend most of my time flying FE2, there's no beating the ThirdWire sim for seat of the pants flying and action, and the AI is very good too.

If you're having trouble with solid telephone poles or square cows in the terrains, try the following tweaks I may have posted elsewhere on the site:

Go into the relevant data.ini file for whatever terrain you're flying (such as Palestine_data.ini), scroll down to the SolidObjectTextureMaterial section and change the following entry:


should be changed to:


Also, go to the following link and download Mue's FE2 shaders and copy the shaders into your terrain folder:


Once you've done that, go again into the terrain data ini file, under the SolidObjectTextureMaterial section, and tweak the following values:


change to:


Also I recommend using the improved flightengine.ini file located in my FM update pack for wider horizons and less popping in/out of scenery.

The aircraft you're missing are located here...

The Voisan type 3


The Aviatik-Berg D.1 (early variant, my 160hp mod. is for this one, as is my early 200hp mod.)


The Other Aviatik-Berg D.1 (late variant, my 230hp mod. is for this one, as is my "late" 200hp mod.)


The 200hp variants are easy to install (simply drop the data inis into the relevant stock folders and override). To make the 160hp and 230hp variants, make copies of the relevant stock folders, rename to the names I've given my 160hp and 230hp folders, and then copy over my tweaked data ini and general ini files into the stock folders you've just renamed. This should give you the whole Berg "fleet."

Happy flying,

Von S :smile:

Edited by VonS
Fixed errors.
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Wow many thanks VonS, I have not got round to doing it yet but will do.

Yes you made a great job of the Ai.

I have being with FE2 for so long Windows XP / Windows 7 and now Windows 10 they don't make em like they used to thanks mate.

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