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OBD Software Newsletter - April 2019


Hello WOTR pilots!


Good news, finally with the release of our latest update to V1.14 

the stunning

Flyable SPITFIRE Mk Ia for FREE!

All WOTR purchasers can now experience close up, 
the beauty and grace of the Spitfire Mk Ia 
together with its other side, power and ferocity. Mix it up 
with the superb war machines of the Luftwaffe in 
the Battle of Britain!



This is our 'thank you' to all who support us by purchasing WOTR.


This release also comes packed with new improvements and fixes  - more on that below...


Just a few of the great comments about the Spitfire Mk Ia and the WOTR Update V1.14 from WOTR users in our forum:

- Thanks for the Spit, she is a work of Art.

- It's absolutely perfect! It appears to be, I'd argue, the most accurate   Mk.I Spit created for a sim.

- The Spitfire is a great addition! Really like the flight model. 

- I must say I am very impressed with the Spit. The cockpit is
  immaculate... Fantastic job OBD!! She really is a treat..



- Brilliant, absolutely brilliant thanks 

- the list of improvements alone is impressive,  let alone the 
Spitfire flyable (for free, no less). Great!..

- Spitfire's a treat to fly.

- First flight, fantastic mission ... the spit's an absolute joy to fly.
Loving it.

- Wow what a beautiful job OBD have done with the Spit.. Love her.



Since our last newsletter some time ago, many new features, improvements and fixes have been added in several free updates.  These are also incorporated into the latest V1.14 of course.   

A few examples include;

Improved AI flight co-ordination especially for the German bombers and fighters.

Improved AI - better landing, collision avoidance and more.

Added 100s of aircraft squadron skins, and the ability for WOTR to assign them automatically to your Squadron flight members individually, if the squadron skin sets exist. British Hurricane and Spitfire squadrons have many sets currently, with more to follow for the German BF109 E4.

Various improvements including increased bomber formation sizes and more optional flight density settings.

Improved AI aircraft engine start-up sounds for all aircraft. 

Improved Scenery added new wooded areas and more.

Performance improvements and new workshop options to tailor settings and much more. 


The WOTR V1.14 update also includes a set of JG 3 squadron skins for the BF109 E4 as a taste of things to come. Now when you fly in JG 3 all the members of your squadron will fly with uniquely numbered and coloured aircraft. We are working on more squadron skins for the BF109 E4. 




Recently PC Pilot Magazine (March/April 2019 issue) published aWings Over The Reich Interview with us here at OBD Software.  We hope to follow up with more reviews.


Please visit our Website for more details on all the above.

The full history of changes are listed below the download itself on our downloads page. 




Unashamedly, an immersive, single player combat flight simulator, with a full-on Dynamic Campaign, Quick Combat and Quick Scenario modes.

A WW2 Air Combat Simulator for PC, based around OBD's IDCS™ 'living world' with superb Artificial Intelligence for full on immersion!

IDCS™ is our exclusive "Immersive Dynamic Campaign System".


Happy flying.

Best wishes




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