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Adding Weapons To SF/WOV/WOE: A Tutorial

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Open your weaponsdata.ini found in your objects or weapons, (depending if you have a weps pack installed) folders with notepad. {Assuming you have extracted it with the extract utility.} Add the data as shown below: i.e. cut and paste keeping the numbering sequence.


Save and close the weapondata.ini


Activate the Weapon Editor, direct it to the objects folder and to the weapondata.ini:



When the box appears you should see the you tanks at the bottom as it was probably the last thing you add. In the example, mine is higher up but that will not make a diffference. Select the F16CTank



Double Click on the highlighted F16CTank. The box below opens up. Once open just hit ok.



Do the same thing with the wings tanks.




Again after hitting ok you will be back to the main wep editor screen. All you do is hit SAVE.




Go fly.

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