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DCS AJS 37 Viggen: Operation Varangian

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DCS AJS 37 Viggen: Operation Varangian

AJS 37 Viggen: Operation Varangian tells the story of Nordic Forces going on a mission of Peace Enforcement in the Middle East. Supported by Danish, Finnish and Norwegian Forces they must uphold the U.N mandate to keep the Persian Gulf open for international trade.

The Henricsson Doctrine developed by NORDBAT 2 is in full effect – the full arsenal of the contingent will be used to deter further hostilities if necessary!

Key Features:

* Fly the Saab AJS 37 Viggen alongside your Nordic brothers in a conflict to keep the straits of Hormuz open for use by the international community.

* Preform a number of classic Viggen missions such as anti-ship, low level attack and deployment of precision munitions against a large variety of targets.

* Completely story driven, voice-acted campaign written by the Lead Writer of The Scandinavian Front.

This campaign requires ownership of Heatblur Simulations AJS 37 Viggen, along with the DCS World by Eagle Dynamics: Persian Gulf Map.

The Year is 1996.  

Iraqi forces have been severely bloodied by the Coalition in the Gulf War, and NATO forces maintain considerable strength in the area to keep Saddam's ambitions in check. However, in the power vacuum, Iran has demanded control of the Persian Gulf and with their air force bolstered by the defecting Iraqi Air Force, they pose a serious threat to stability in the region.

Eager to avoid a large-scale war over one of the most vital shipping lanes in the world, the United Nations authorise the deployment of a Peace Enforcement Task Force to show Iran that their ambitions are not accepted by the rest of the world. The nations of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland assemble the air component of the Task Force, codenamed "Varangian".

As "Enfield 1", you are part of the Swedish contingent from F 15 at Söderhamn.

Unzip the Mods folder in your main DCS Folder.
Unzip the Liveries folder into the Saved Games/DCS Folder

The campaign will be visible under the AJS 37 Tab in Campaigns.

Mission Design / Story: Jonathan R Lundkvist (aka "Shooter")
AJS 37 Viggen Desert Skin: iko
Stingray Voice Actor: Jonathan R Lundkvist
Enfield 1-2 Voice Actor: Mattias Krantz
Enfield 1-3 Voice Actor: iko
Enfield 2 Voice Actor: Martin Sundkvist
Springfield Lead Voice Actor: Jessica Bruin
Colt Lead Voice Actor: Martine Lassen
Uzi Lead Voice Actor: Henric Sandq
F-14 Pilot Voice Actor: Greywolf

Special thanks to Baltic Dragon for helping with mission and campaign
related questions.



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