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SF2 CF-100 MK-5 [BAF]

This package represents the CF-100 MK-5 version as used by the Belgian Air Force in Europe. It's meant for a "typical" SF-2 installation that includes the GermanyCE terrain.

The date range is historic, from December 1957, to October 1963. Skins for the three BAF squadrons that used the type are included.

For campaign modders, the CF-100 MK-5 [BAF] date range fits in for the 1962 Red Thunder campaign.

The skin jpeg's are quite large but I haven't had any frame rate issues on a mediocre Dell I-3 rig. The model does use distance lods.

To improve the high altitude performance the CF-100 MK-5 had the gun pack removed and wing tip extensions added. On the real MK-5 the gunsight was removed as well. Considering those real life limitations, and the poor hit percentage of the rockets against maneuvering fighters, the aircraft role has been limited to INTERCEPT only.

Some adjustments have been made to the FFAR and pod so if you have the previous MK-4B [NATO] installed you should remove the previous versions and install the new ones. The sounds and ejection seat are unchanged so you can skip that part of the install.

After the model was built we found out the MK-5 couldn't carry wing tip tanks with the wing tip extensions installed. Sundowner is too busy to do any model work so the tip tanks have been removed using an ini edit. Bomb and guided missile racks are still available for what if scenarios.

Check the ReadMe for a bit more information.


Sundowner: Aircraft model, cockpit model, various ini work, some skin work, research.

1977Frenchie: Skins, decals, hangar and loading screens, research.

Baffmeister: Flight model, some ini work, some research, package compilation and readme.

Wilches: Beta testing and research.

Crusader: Research

The Canberra_2 engine sound and Mk3 ejection seat are included but not sure who made them. There is also a CF-100windsound which I might have made but don't remember for certain.

This package is subject to the CombatAce Modders Licensing Agreement



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