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Maintain Aspect Ratio in EAW during full screen.

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 This article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_common_resolutions gives some info about resolution, and more importantly, aspect ratios.  EAW seems particularly fond of a 4:3 aspect ratio, if I'm not mistaken.  Probably an artifact of its' origins on CRT monitors way back when.

Obviously, many users, while maintaining older computers on which to run EAW, will likely buy new monitors to better view many things.  Maybe even try to run EAW on Win 10 or some other OpSys with a newer computer.

Now, this might sound stupid, but let's say a user has a new monitor, say 1920x1080.  Not cutting edge at all, and semi-obsolescent. 1920x1080 is not 4:3 ratio (but close), and so somewhat unfriendly to EAW.  Assume the GFX card and CPU will adequately support such a resolution.

Now, What to do?  From your comments, I'm guessing that the user should edit the screen resolution in the Config.Ini of the EAW game to maintain the largest possible 4:3 aspect ratio within their monitor screen.  Is this correct, assuming no other issues?

IIRC, I tinkered within the D3W wrapper program to maximize the screen size/resolution of v1.28e EAW on my 1920x1080 monitor, and saw no visible "ovaling" of gunsights or any other objectionable effects.  Both height and width could be independently manipulated within the wrapper program.  Perhaps any distortion present was so slight that I took no notice, not specifically looking for such.



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Like most, I reckon, I prefer a wider angle of view, which, as you note, is something different from a simply enlarged, mistakenly-termed "widescreen" view.  If I interpret your comments correctly, then the largest 4:3 window that fits within one's monitor is probably the upper limit, in view of not encountering 'stretching" of the essential gunsight. 

The reduction in apparent font size of the "essential info" displayed on lower corner of screen, as screen resolution is greatly increased is problematic, as is the degradation of the instruments on the dashboard.  There are times when accurate, easily readable info is quite essential.

I understand the font size can be altered, but I'm too stupid to do that, lol.

As you have noted elsewhere, this issue, or related issues, is an inherent problem with EAW, and not easily remedied without skills that have not been forthcoming, sad to say.

There are some flight sims that are so written/constructed that "widescreen" mods/patches can be applied to the original game (if it lacked such originally) with no apparent drawbacks, and to considerable overall advantage.  That EAW lacks this feature has to be taken into account as a negative feature, but ought to be evaluated in conjunction with the numerous positive features EAW offers.  

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