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SF2 P/F-61B Black Widow, 319th F(AW)S Skins Pack Post-WW2

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SF2 P/F-61B Black Widow, 319th F(AW)S Skins Pack Post-WW2

SF2 P/F-61B Black Widow, 319th F(AW)S Skins Pack       7/2/2019

-For SF2, (Full 5 Merged Reccomended)-

This is a new skin & decal set for Veltro2K's P-61 Black Widow Night/All Weather interceptor. 

This skin represents the 318th Fighter (All Weather) Squadron from 1946-1948. They were (originally) based at Mitchell Field (AFB) Long Island, NY, as part of the newly formed Air Defence Command. They and several other night/all weather and day fighter squadrons were responsible for the defence of the northeastern United States. In 1948, they moved to McChord AFB, Washington, transistioned to F-82 Twin Mustangs, and took on Northwest Air Defense duties.

The skin is in jpg format. All markings are decals. 26 new P-61B serial and Buzz numbers were created for this mod. The serials ARE for late production block 61Bs, but should be considered generic in nature as they represent no particular aircraft from any specific unit. Decal randomization is TRUE. Included is a hangar screen for this skin, too! The SF2 'date switch' is used to turn on this skin in 1946.

Also included is a new data and avionics inis. A new more compliant FM has been built, and many engine parameters have been adjusted (NOW! With WEP!!). The avionics ini, given game limitations, should be more in line with the actual workings of the SCR-720 air intercept radar. A backup copy of the data ini is included, for safety's sake. (always back up!!). See "Notes" below for a complete listing, and explainitions.

You must have the original P-61B from either you WW2 installs or a new download from the following URL to apply this skin set to:


Remember, this is a POST-war skin. The data ini has operational dates adjusted (corrected) accordingly.  

As is always reccomended, unzip to a temp folder or your desktop to give easy access to the rest of this readme for it's install instructions. Might want to give the "Notes & Other Nonsense" section a once over, as well! :)

Good Hunting!

Kevin Stein


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