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Quick Aircraft Facts: F-16 Fighting Falcon a.k.a. F-16 Viper

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Quick Aircraft Facts: F-16 Fighting Falcon a.k.a. F-16 Viper


Hello! Since this is CombatACE.com I can say that most of you knew this segment might pop up eventually, and since this CombatACE.com I can say that most of you are familiar with this aircraft and all of its facts. So I humbly present this QAF video about the F-16 as a test more so than something to watch. A test as in I'd like to know what areas I should focus on. There were a lot of things that I wished I could pack into the time slot; however I hope the presentation accomplishes its mission with covering the the majority of the facts, history, and providing enough information to get people interested in learning more about the F-16 and other aircraft while at the same time providing them with enough information so they can be well informed about an aircraft. I mentioned in the past that I loved to watch the show  Wings that came on discovery. However with time becoming more and more limited I figured the QAF program can do what Wings did, inform interested people about aircraft, but do it in a matter of minutes.

So without further ado here's the latest QAF video about the F-16. Our next video will feature the F-35. Thank you for your time and please enjoy the video.



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