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I need help with installing Stary's unified effects package 1.2. I have placed the files in C:/users/owner/savedgames/thirdwire/strikefighters2, But whenever I am in game, the game still has the old effects. Please help. 

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tried reading the read me and following the instructions ???


Unified Effects Pack version 1.2

For Strike Fighters Series 2
(Series 1 compability NOT tested but possible)

by Stary

version 1.2
Cumulative update -no previous installment of "UP" required

29 Dec 2012

Version 1.2 of my "Unified effects pack" which is compilation of various effects I did through the years of Strike Fighters and Strike Fighters 2 modding.

Various effects from earlier versions of UP that I tweaked or reworked through time included.

Please note several legacy effects graphics by Master Deuces, used in any of my FX works with his permission. 
You are missed


from UP 1.0 readme:

This pack is a compilation of many effects I did over the years for Strike Fighters and First Eagles series 
of flight simulators by Thirdwire.

Build around "Desert Storm FX Pack beta" released in early 2009, this pack replaces most of the stock effects with new ones,
most of them volumeric or 3D in appearance. 
Also used are few reworked/tuned down effects from my "Hollywood Explosions" mod, aswell as several never before relased ones.


First for safety sake BACKUP your EFFECTS and FLIGHT folders, in case you won't like the new effects

To install unpack this package to your SF2 install MODS folder, here's an example for stock install of Strike Fighters 2:

for WinXP:
C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\My Documents\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\

C:\Users\<your username>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\

That's all, you're ready to go now!

To uninstall simply restore your backed up EFFECTS and FLIGHT folders


1) Display bugs -sometimes particles and trees render incorrecctly (in example effect in front of trees renders behind the trees or vice versa) -this is well known ages old bug. Send thousands of mails to TK, he still won't fix it :( live with it.

2) Several effects may cause slight slowndown for splitsecond on initialization, but generally the particlesystem "cuts down" the number of emitters and particles to keep within specific limits. Be aware that ripple of 10 MK.84 2000lb bombs hitting fueltanks and parked aircrafts will most propably still slow things down.

3) As this is indeed a compilation of many effects tweaked and reworked over the years, there are many "left over" legacy tga graphics included, please to not remove them, as many particles material references are cross-linked in various effect ini files.
I -may- clean this inconvinience some time in the future. These that are not used won't be loaded to your video memory, so no worries.

4) If you are using Series2 in Dx10 mode I highly recommed using UNLIMITED settings for effects quality, under such settings these effects were made and tested.

5) Several older graphics based on Deuces work, used with His permission. Thanks you.

Made and tested in all series 2 titles, expansions merged install.

Have fun



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