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  1. How do I make it so that the default campaigns in SF2 use this map Instead of the stock desert map?
  2. Desert Terrain V.4

    What do you mean? What do I extract?
  3. Desert Terrain V.4

    Where is the campaign ini located?
  4. Lemme rephrase. I downloaded these shaders and I'm not sure where to put the files. Shaders FlightData.zip
  5. Yes. I unpacked everything into This PC/:C/Users/owner/savedgames/thirdwire/strike fighters 2.
  6. I need help with installing Stary's unified effects package 1.2. I have placed the files in C:/users/owner/savedgames/thirdwire/strikefighters2, But whenever I am in game, the game still has the old effects. Please help.

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