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  1. Hey, is there any way to fix the plyons being slanted?
  2. Huh. For some reason none of the aircraft have any weapons other than the AMX which only has sidewinders, and all the ground units including friendlies are listed as unknown
  3. Hey, How do I get my iskins installed beforehand to work with this?
  4. Wow, these look VERY nice. Hope to see more in the future!
  5. Hello. I've found the Paran Vs, Dihmar setting very enjoyable to play in, and I'm planning on creating a campaign mod taking place in it. It will essentially be the 1975 campaign, but edited to omit foreign intervention, as well as adding in some aircrafts/squadrons for both sides, as well as making Parani forces playable. Can you guys link me/tell me how I would go about doing this? I have little knowledge on how to mod this game.
  6. Hey all. I was wondering if it would be possible to port this campaign over to strike fighters 2 since I don't want to go through the hassle of installing SF1 and gathering all of the necessary mods for it.
  7. Is there any possibility of a new team picking up development of this wonderful mod rectifying it's issues/expanding upon it?
  8. Hello all. Can I get some recommendations for good campaign mods that take place in around 1990s onwards? I'm mainly looking to use modern aircraft with all the bells and whistles such as LGBs, JDAMs, AMRAAMs, etc
  9. How do I make it so that the default campaigns in SF2 use this map Instead of the stock desert map?
  10. Desert Terrain V.4

    What do you mean? What do I extract?
  11. Desert Terrain V.4

    Where is the campaign ini located?
  12. Lemme rephrase. I downloaded these shaders and I'm not sure where to put the files. Shaders FlightData.zip
  13. Yes. I unpacked everything into This PC/:C/Users/owner/savedgames/thirdwire/strike fighters 2.

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