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EAWPRO support

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Some people may not fully grasp the idea behind EAWPRO so here's an explanation.

EAWPRO started life as a pure hack into the EXE's hexadecimal code before the release of any source code and early versions were meant to work with the OAW filemanager. At some point an assembly listing was created, which just happens to be my preferred programming language and with the Source Code in my posession things really began to take off.

During the Launchpad's existence many pilots came by to fly with us and for years I tried to help them with installing but due to limited computer knowledge and/or intelligence more and more pilots gave up inspite of my step by step guidance develloped over a period of at least 5 years. We're talking dozens and possibly close to 100 pilots who gave up.

So a different approach was needed to allow those pilots an easy way to come on board, which is where the idea behind EAWPRO was borne. A simple means to upgrade to a better version of EAW and compattible with both older and newer operating systems and an unchanged user interface to allow a seamless transition from one to the other.

Nothing was changed in the selections or anywhere else which needs further explanations, pictures or manuals as it's all still the same as in v1.2. Inspite of this many enhancements were incorporated which are controlled through the standard user interface and a few less obvious changes were made to the EAW.INI, which when not changed have no real influence on the game's performance. These are like the hidden features which had been present in v1.2 untill they were discovered round 2000. Their default setting is probably best but explanations to these alterations are available on Mark's website.

Install instructions do not differ from a v1.2 install other then that the EAWPRO upgrade needs to be added to a clean copy of EAW and you just start the game as you always have. No additional software, choices or regestring Visual Basic components or anything else. You don't have to learn anything extra in order to get the impovements EAWPRO provides. Hence there's no further directions needed other then those which relate to getting the game to work with various operating systems and/or hardware which is the same as for any version of EAW and well described at Mark EAW's website.

A short recap, extract the EAWPRO addon into a clean version of EAW and enjoy! EAWPRO is tested to work with computers dating back to the year 2000 and minimum requirements are the same as described in the original EAW manual but a PIV @ 1Ghz, 256MB memory and a 32MB videocard will result in very acceptible framerates due to the optimised assembly code.


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