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  2. Italian cities now fully randomised

    I created a bonus tile since it's such a therapeutic happening, and because it's always nice to have a choice. Of course this isn't the last one, :) VBH
  3. No more repetitive borders or center tiles and more different villages. With this randomization all village and city tiles can be used at will where ever in the game in any possible rotational state, and it's a lot less mapping work. I already showed the idea some time ago but not with the Harvest City Set. There is still some work to be done to narrow some borders and create the right impression I'm after but I think it's slowly getting there. Here's a few screen shots, as an experiment a few village tiles were replaced with breaker field tiles and two different city/village layouts were tried, which means that the randomization for each layout is entirely different while the cities and village sizes and positions weren't changed. You heard it first on combatace.com VonBeerhofen
  4. Even more terrain tiles

    updated pictures. A few more pictures of the latest tiles will replace the above at a later date. VBH
  5. Even more terrain tiles

    Here's a compilation of the 12 latest tiles for the 'Harvest' set. I created a temporary map where all other tiles were removed from and randomly filled the EAW world with these 12 tiles only. 12 screen shots were taken of which 6 are displayed now. The remaining 6 will replace these pictures at a later date as I may not have captured all 12 tiles in these screenies and to safe on page loading times . VonBeerhofen
  6. Folks, how goes EAWPRO with the wrapper for you? Are you using the right version of the DxWnd wrapper with the profile i've provided? I found that the programmer rearranges somethings in the users interface sometimes, so so settings may change or be removed when importing into a different version of the wrapper that I used to export the settings.
  7. Here's the newest of the profiles: https://eaw.neocities.org/files-my-downloads.html
  8. Drop tank in your face

    Can't remember if I activated this myself or not but I had this happen twice now in the past month. I made a note though to give it a random chance to bounce off with an appropriate sound. Pretty sure they didn't always completely wreck a plane when hit. Pretty scary though to see this massive thing suddenly fill up your whole screen, made me actually duck for cover as has happened many times when colliding head on with enemies. VonBeerhofen
  9. Drop tank in your face

    I couldn't remember if the drop tanks did damaging properties in the default game? For some reason I always seem to fly through them un harmed...IDK, not sure. :P
  10. Drop tank in your face

    No, that's not my X-mas wish to all of you but what happened in a recent on line mission in the EAW Launchpad. As my squadron approached the enemy I decided to do my usual head on attack trying to come in from a little lower. As if controlled by a single entity all enemies released their tanks just as I pulled up from underneath and bombarded me with a hailstorm of drop tanks. One of the tanks came at me so fast that it filled my whole view area in just a second and entered my front windscreen. Well there's the result of this happening which ended my career before it had even started. Behind me you can still see a few tanks which barely missed me. Anyway, perhaps a bit early but before I forget, I hope you guys have few festive holidays coming before the year is out! VonBeerhofen
  11. AC Tower under construction

    Almost forgot, the garden underneath is an old separate shadow model which can be swapped with any other I've created so far. VBH
  12. AC Tower under construction

    Added a few more bits to the backside of the model which I believe to be a manhole to an air raid shelter and a toolbox or something. I'm thinking of adding semi transparent glass to the windows, plenty of room for that in the model but this is it for now: VonBeerhofen
  13. Benelux terrain Add In

    Another experiment with connecting orchards on two tile corners. Notice how various tile rotations create various shapes when two or more orchard drawings connect. Nothing new really but fun to experiment with. Made a minor mistake though by putting the two orchards on a single side of the tile, I think it's better when the sides are opposite of each other, less in line. I'll rectify that later. Of course these two orchards can be on separate tiles too but this one fits the agricultural division of the terrain in EAWPRO better and it's less work too, :) VonBeerhofen
  14. Stormy weather

    A few more examples of the Overcast possibilities: clearing up a bit: and with the 3D clouds activated: VonBeerhofen
  15. Stormy weather

    Showing how much pastel colors can contribute to the game's atmosphere with EAWPRO's all transparent cloud layers: As you can see the effect is still very overcasty but with the additional layers multiple stunning effects can be generated as all layers are fully interchangeable with each other as well as with other sets created for EAWPRO. VonBeerhofen
  16. AC Tower under construction

    Updated and nearly finished, :) (may need a page refresh due to previous cached picture) VonBeerhofen
  17. AC Tower under construction

    The obligatory teaser with the adapted wall texture derived from the photograph: More to come! VonBeerhofen
  18. AC Tower under construction

    A new control tower for my Suez addon derived from the one in the Habbiya area. Sofar this is just a mock up for testing and if all goes well it will end up looking like the B/W photo on the right. You heard it first at https://combatace.com More of my creations at https://rabartel.home.xs4all.nl/test/Gallery/image/ VonBeerhofen (Launchpad Janitor)
  19. NP Its simple with the pre configured profile settings for the DxWnd Wrapper. You place the wrapper folder near your game folder, and run the dxwnd.exe, import the settings and set the path to your game. click the icon or the eaw.exe while the wrapper is still open, and your all set :) EAWPRO runs great, and its more fun like you would find in standard v1.2.
  20. Benelux terrain Add In

    Bonus tile GRASS. Here visible as two mirrored and slightly different versions, mainly to test the effect of larger areas with one nature and the long and winding road, which will come in handy in my Italy addon. VonBeerhofen
  21. Thanks Mark, hope it will help the few remaining players setting EAWPRO up. Things aren't as easy nowadays as it was in 1998! VonBeerhofen
  22. Oh, since I posted this, I've updated the download, I have removed the Virtual Joystick option. If you still need it just re-enable it. :)
  23. The perfect drop

    Doing some more tests on the latest EAWPRO release and checking compattibillity with a newer version I found that an old gunsight from 2006, which I used in the B26 to give its nonsensical free floating reticule a bit more meaning, was using a full custom palette from another PRO version. I converted a new drawing to the B26's palette so the thing will display properly, even though it's a bit of a monstrosity due to it's age. It was my first try and I know some planes have no use for the gunsight since they don't have human controlled guns but at the time I thought this to be the best solution for this annoyance. Don't think the obscured dials are of much help to anyone though. Today I have better models which may be incorporated at a later date. Flying these beasts usually turns into an evasive struggle and trying to get the enemy to target your wingman or somebody else so you can stay alive. Pretty brutal tactics but when lucky you may actually make it to the target, but without a tool for high altitude aiming you're often forced to go down real low to get a chance to hit the target, but then you're normally pounded by enemy crossfire which in EAWPRO can be devastating. Ofcourse I had to have a bit of extra fun in a mission after all the hard work and my target was to bomb and airfield near Paris. Now here's a hint for the perfect drop, drop your bombs when your distance to the target app. matches your altitude and you won't be far off target. Here's the result of my drop at 10.000 feet altitude/distance, absolutely spot on, don't you love it when a plan comes together! Good luck, good hunting, VonBeerhofen
  24. On Screen Control Direction Indicator?

    I investigated it a bit further and found that all it's doing is to indicate where the reticule is when you rotate the view in the cockpit. It's only active when the game isn't using 2D cockpits, i.e. in resolutions above 800 x 600 in the stock game. Maybe it's useful for Track IR or similar controllers. It's of no personal use to me as it's much easier to reset the cockpit snap view and faster too. VonBeerhofen
  25. On Screen Control Direction Indicator?

    I tired again, and nothing, it was present on the screen, but the screenshot shows no sight. Maybe its a debug thing you stumbled upon.?? When i use the keyboard arrow keys, the sight jumps in the direction i push the arrow key. Its defiantly tied to the camera mouse view, and the input gets a visual representation of what's being used. EDIT: I'm dumb. I think it might be part of the wrapper, hooking the dinput and using a virtual joystick. So I'll have to recheck that stuff, and see whats going on there. EDIT 2: Yup, it was the virtual joystick setting from the wrapper. For some reason I needed the vstick to load the game, but its running fine without it now and that mysterious crosshair is gone too. ;) lol
  26. On Screen Control Direction Indicator?

    Hmmm. I could not get a capture of it. It flashes fast when its displayed. Disappears just before i take a screenshot. Anyhow. Its a crosshair sight looking thing and it lights up a square on the left side and right side when i push the mouse buttons. The center sight part animates when I press the middle mouse button.

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