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  2. occasionally you can get these interesting smoke effects in EAWPRO generated by the new randomly asigned and expanded effects routines, giving many a much wider use. Besides that there are more smoketypes available which have new uses. Each animation is sixteen 64 pixel drawings in 8 bit using an entire 256 x 256 pixel PCX. Here a few expanding black smoke clouds were generated after two planes collided and you can still see a firey wing dropping down. VonBeerhofen
  3. Happy New Yeaar Gents, S!

    Hang in there guys! VonBeerhofen @ the EAW Launchpad
  4. I just love sunset

    And here's an eerie Dawn Patrol: Amazing color gradients for a game which was initially released with just 256 colors. VonBeerhofen
  5. I just love sunset

    When the EAW world starts turning reddish and the sky get's those orange and pinkish hues and it slowly gets darker and all of a sudden all searchlights in the area flip on as the landing strips become illuminated. No better time for a recon mission! VonBeerhofen
  6. What a mistaka ta maka

    Needing a new fire spriteset to use EAWPRO's latest capabillities to display double sprites for each fire and using all 16 pictures now animated in 4 orientations I went out to check the result and ofcourse the easiest was to shoot up my own airbase to save time. However I got a bit too low and my fuselage skipped the ground with this result. The initial attack run: 2 sequential close ups of the resulting damage and the panic which broke out shortly afterwards Ofcourse I was reprimanded for the accidental destruction but I now had a good impression of the fire animations, :) Will try to be more careful next time and try out a few enemy targets instead. VonBeerhofen
  7. Devastating bomb run

    Lots of holes in the ground in our bombing raids in the EAW Launchpad, smoke too and absolute panic on the ground! VonBeerhofen
  8. This night screen shows EAWPRO's bullet impact animation routine in action. Impacts can select a short animation within any of the available smoke and fire animations starting from any frame in that animation. I don't know offhand how many available drawings that is but roughly well over 200! This mimics bullets hitting various types of ground or objects and can for instance even use the watersplash animation when hitting a fuel cannister or something simmilar, as can be seen on the left of the screen where also a fire has started after the impact. BTW, notice that not all drawings are illuminated at night. VonBeerhofen
  9. Just an awesome explosion

    Here's a rare picture of an online mission which didn't end well for my friend as his plane exploded into hundred pieces after colliding with an enemy. rest in peace Frank and thx for being such a great friend! VBH
  10. FXEXE / EAWPRO Help Document

    Nice one Mark, Thx! VBH
  11. FXEXE / EAWPRO Help Document

    Well I posted a "new" update on the FXEXE Help Page. It is (hopefully) what I determined to be a newer build of VBH FXEXE eaw.exe that works properly with the PiltoMapv3.0 and has other changes that I don't recall, (its been awhile since he sent them to me). It was like a month later that this update is placed from the previously posted update. I did document all features and changes provided on the Help Document, some place as an overall detail. Anyway, the point is, Download BASIC-update-2.zip and over-right the existing files. I tested them out and everything seems to be working. Thanks to VBH!
  12. Finally some time to post again. A mission with probably the oldest still flying EAW pilot Frank Růženec from Czechoslovakia, hope I spelled that right Frank. He's been with us for about 15 years as I trained him well and he's kicking my butt on a regular basis, inspite of being almost 15 year older then me, :D Thanks for all the fun m8! VonBeerhofen
  13. FXEXE / EAWPRO Help Document

    Hi Mark, I'm trying to puzzle the latest pieces together, including the pilot map. The map is needed to properly display the new plane icons. They still work more or less without but the icon colors become messed up. This is what the new map looks like in the unfinished Suez addon: There may have been few things lost but I think the addon remains playable as it is now, after all it's just a slightly earlier version. VBH
  14. FXEXE / EAWPRO Help Document

    Okay heard from VBH. Due to some issues, It looks like thats the download thats available, I'll be posting a new PilotMap v3.0 shortly for it. However. I think VBH currently and already has the new pilotmap linked from his site, but I'm not sure at the moment......
  15. FXEXE / EAWPRO Help Document

    Unfortunately, for the past several months the EAWPRO DL was corrupted. Its my fault for not testing it before upload. I fixed it now. https://eaw.neocities.org/fxexe-patches.html From a 7-15-2019 version (VBH may have a more recent version, I'm waiting to hear from him)
  16. I Just wanted to post this Help document written primarily by the author (VBH) of EAWPRO here at his Club, I'll post a link to my edited Help Document: https://eaw.neocities.org/fxexe-patches.html It links to the Download as well as describes a number of changes and improvements to the game. Some I had a hard time writing and editing about. I tried to use VBH's words and sentences as much as I could, and tried to elaborate on what he was telling me (and eventually us). If anyone has additional information or changes I should do with the Help Doc, please post here so I can read them. Thanks. ;) (If VBH feels inclined to read the EAWPRO Help Doc again, perhaps you can submit changes, if needed? :) Alright Thanks all!
  17. Welcome New club members

    VBH, your work is much appreciated!
  18. Welcome New club members

    You're welcome Polundra, glad someone likes it. VBH
  19. Welcome New club members

    VonBeerhofen, thank you for your hard work!
  20. Welcome New club members

    Hope you guys find what you need, don't hesitate to ask questions here or in the main EAW forum! Visit this link to download EAWPRO from Mark EAW's website which also contains lots of other interesting packages! https://eaw.neocities.org/fxexe-patches.html VBH
  21. Any new EAWPRO minor updates for DL?

    Thanks man. I'll add it to the download and replace the file. Hope you get better. Take care!
  22. Any new EAWPRO minor updates for DL?

    Hey Mark, not all is that difficult but some stuff is, however the main problem now is to find the energy to do it. I had a bit of energy to change the current pilotmap to what I've shown previously with the Suez map and uploaded it to my FTP. The .ZIP can be extracted into the latest EAWPRO version while allowing older files to be overwritten. Sorry it took so long, hope those remaining will find it a usefull upgrade. The files are available here: http://rabartel.home.xs4all.nl/PILOTMAPv3.0.zip VBH
  23. Any new EAWPRO minor updates for DL?

    oh yeah, I remember you telling me something like this before. If its too difficult to isolate the finished changes from the current working changes, don't worry about it I guess. I was just hoping to post some updates, that's all.
  24. Any new EAWPRO minor updates for DL?

    Hi Mark, I'll see if I can still add something to your version, the one I'm using is not ready for release. It'll take some time though as I have to isolate these changes and copy them in. VBH
  25. Hey VBH, Any new EAWPRO archive available for me to post? I forget how long the last update was, but its been awhile. I've since added new feature descriptions to the FXEXE Patch Help Document that are not in the last EAWPRO eaw.exe available for DL. So basically I'm looking for a any minor update to post, doesn't matter how small....just wondering...NP otherwise of course. BTW: (Around 1,000 DLs from 7-15-2019; That's just the EAWPRO, doesn't include the 700 or so of the previous FXEXE archives posted before).
  26. Interesting Free Book From Amazon Kindle

    Thx RiBob, I think that searches in Google automattically include searching it's own library, as I've seen many quotes from such books. I'll read anything that's free and WWII related though, you never know if any new ideas will spawn from that. Don't really have much interest in ''What If' scenarios but I'm sure other people do. VBH

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