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    And here's the 12 sided version as it is for now. The model's shape was further refined and a new texture was created. I'll try to inflate the stabiliser wings too but those can be pita, so I don't know when that'll be ready. We'll see, :) VonBeerhofen

    for Flyright's V1 conversion. As you can see in this picture the model was constructed the oldfashioned way from the V1 , which shape is still visible because back then it was the only way to create something new. All the old polygons and nodes had to be left as is to keep the rendering sequence intact. Essentially it's still a V1 with all it's parts still present but set to invisible except for the parts which were needed for the blimp. The result is that in the editor and in the game the model uses space for 145 polygons and 147 nodes and it's filesize is not much smaller then the actual V1, 4.73 Kilobytes. Due to the changes to the V1 model and not being able to recalculate a new Rendering Sequence this model never worked very well in the game, as sides and tailsurfaces disappeared depending on the viewing angle, a valliant effort for those days nonetheless This next picture shows the fixed model with a newly calculated rendering sequence, all unwanted nodes and polygons were removed, an anchor line attached, the stabiliser wings were straightened, the messy tail was remodeled to give it a more accurate shape and the model was prepared for further improvements, i.e. a 12 sided version with appropiate 3D stabiliser wings instead of just flat polygons. As shown it consists of just 73 polygons and 71 nodes resulting in a filesize of only 2.96 kilobytes. This new model is stable as a rock, takes up less memory and renders almost twice as fast, where ofcourse framerate is always an important asset in any flightsimulator as AI intelligence and reaction times are directly linked with it. The next two pictures show the model in action. Notice that the difference with the old version isn't very big, the difference mainly lies in the stability of rendering the model and viewing it from all angles and ofcourse 2 kilobytes removed from one model will hardly impact framerates. It does however become more significant when dozens are visible in the same frame and taking into account that in a single screenshot a few hundred 3D models will be visible, some very complex, the overal cleanup will have a dramatic influence on framerates, loading times, CPU and GPU use and frees up memory for more complicated models, like the upcoming 12 sided version currently being develloped, a shape which can NEVER be derived from ANY model created for EAW in the past! VonBeerhofen
  4. Visit the Philippines in a day

    Often stop by here, VBH. Nice work!
  5. Visit the Philippines in a day

    Added 10 more screenshots to aforementioned folder at my FTP. The higher numbers starting from 20 show the fully activated tileset and the beaches are now at sea level to prevent what I'd call the waterfall effect on missaligned coastal tiles, its where water could be seen going up a slope. Fine if we'd have waves hitting land but we don't. VBH
  6. Visit the Philippines in a day

    good project VB Some good Naval battles there..I was in Subic Bay in 69 for a rest and refit and can't remember a lot of it due to Jack and Hinekins but what else would a 19 year old Marine do?? hope i don't have any kids there
  7. Visit the Philippines in a day

    Good to see you in Russ, small bunch of nice people is all we need to keep going. VBH
  8. Visit the Philippines in a day

    Glad to be here M8's
  9. Visit the Philippines in a day

    Welcome RiBob, you're member No.2, wehey we're growing! VBH
  10. Visit the Philippines in a day

    Test post. And thanks for the invite, VBH!
  11. Yesterday I started on a new theatre to be incorporated into PTIV as an addon. Rather then posting a lot of pictures I've set up a folder on my FTP with the test flight screenshots I made to check the new tilemap and pilotmap of the Philippines theatre. Still have to figure out how to use this new club so my excuses for not following normal procedure. Hope I'm not breaking any rules. It won't be the usual way I'll post screenshots. This map picture shows the app. route I flew and the tile and pilotmap I cobbled together to not get lost. Obviously this addon is about ships and carriers but also about driving the Japs out of the Philippines. The white targetdots are from PTIV, no targets have thusfar been assigned to the new map, I just had a look to see if there were any tile errors and wether the pilotmap was accurate. You can have a look here: https://rabartel.home.xs4all.nl/Philippines/ VonBeerhofen
  12. OHKA prototype

    No offense, but perhaps you paint with too broad a brush re your comment on what Players prefer. There is a wide spectrum of Player tastes and preferences, and to say that Players care about one thing to the exclusion of others goes too far, I think. As for myself, I am visually-oriented, and can usually see details in aircraft that some others might gloss over, or perhaps not detect at all. It is a niggling bother--to me, at least-- when the depiction of an A/C contains visual errors. The presence of such errors often causes me to question whether the Modder has done due diligence to other, unseen, aspects of the A/C, such as Flight Model, and so forth. I know that some issues are not easily corrected, but that does not reduce the responsibility of the Modder to do his/her very best to "get it right". I understand that others will have different preferences. I prefer to not discuss your other remarks.
  13. OHKA prototype

    Yes, I've become VERY carefull in picking my friends and handing out my creations, I think the reasons for that are pretty obvious. Hope you don't mind me keeping control over my own work, it's all too easy for others to pretend that they were it's creators. Think this thread will be locked soon too, hope the moderators understand that I'm just defending my work. I'm done with this guy anyway. VonBeerhofen
  14. OHKA prototype

    Dizzy Dean, one of our great baseball players, once said "It ain't bragging if you can do it". My contention is that since it's rare that one of your models ever sees the light of day, indeed you are bragging, not doing.
  15. OHKA prototype

    Brag? I think you mistake the word with dedication and strive for improvement. And where did you get the notice from that my group of followers is shrinking? EAW's following is definately shrinking but my group is fine, taken into account I have little aspirations. I wouldn't worry much about my perfect models, I know who my followers are and they will get them. VonBeerhofen
  16. OHKA prototype

    Doesn't matter to me what you post. In fact, it makes my case. Players do not care one whit if there is an occasional, minor R/S issue. They do care about having a huge number of aircraft to chose from, multiple scenarios with well over 2000 different ground targets in those scenarios, different payload packages for their aircraft with all sorts of additional weapons and most importantly, when something is posted it is already available, NOT some time in the distant future. An Ideologue, OTOH, posts picture after picture of "perfect" models that will never see the light of day and brag about a dubious expertise to an ever shrinking group of followers. See the difference? Relax and have some fun or adhere to a strict protocol and suffer within the constraints of a smothering ideology. I know which one I prefer.
  17. OHKA prototype

    I forgot this, I hope you don't mind when I keep pointing out R/S issues on 3D models, I mean it's not like pointing out "buggy" 3D shadows in EAWPRO for not liking them but a real bug. It's not an attack on anyone in particular either but merely intended to maintain a high standard, and I for one do care about it. I don't feel it's particularly attractive to new players to see such porblems in screenshots. Any progress with the cunningtower? VonBeerhofen
  18. OHKA prototype

    Well in that case there's no reason not to fix your other planes which have R/S issues. I think players do care, after all modding has always been about trying to improve EAW, especially it's plane models. It's why Col. Gibbon's planes caught everyone's attention in the first place, perhaps it's just you who doesn't care anymore. VonBeerhofen
  19. OHKA prototype

    Simply not true. There are a massive number of aircraft available in the 1.6 development line with no R/S issues and most of them use some form of hard point attachment. In fact, my "Empty F" method takes this to it's logical end with a main section that is nothing but hard points attaching all the pieces together. Since all 3dz's are recognized in the exactly the same way by the EAW exec, of course adding my shape to your shape would work. The game doesn't know who built a particular model so there is no inherent risk associated with combining pieces from different sources. The problem is that some modders strive for ideological purity and others adhere to the idea that the enemy of good is perfect. As we know from so many real world examples, the ideologists DEMAND purity.................................all the while, realistic players couldn't care less. PS - The Okah rudder R/S was fixed as soon as I saw the screenshot but I didn't feel like reposting a new picture.
  20. OHKA prototype

    You can not break down an entire plane to only a nose and concatenate it with an existing model within the time I need to add 8 or 10 polygons on an existing model with a proper working R/S. Fact is that 99% of the models out there have issues. just inspect the tail on your Ohka. Importing parts from it merely increases the risk of importing R/S issues as well and setting yourself up with having to fix none matching parts which are an additional risk for more R/S issues. If you start out with models which already have such issues and try to stretch and twirl them to get a viable shape then things will only get worse. Further more, adding your shape to mine isn't necessarily going to work for that same reason. You should know, you and Col, Gibbon have tried that for an eternity. VonBeerhofen
  21. OHKA prototype

    Perhaps. I would have thought so, but I am writing from a position of ignorance. Perhaps VBH has something else in mind. Saying that there is no need to re-invent the wheel is only a partial truth. For example, once the pneumatic tire was added to the wheel, its' rolling resistance was greatly reduced, and the speeds at which it could be used greatly increased. So, while not exactly re-inventing the wheel, some modders considerably increased the wheel's usefulness. Let's see what VBH has in mind for a final product. I think it only fair to evaluate a work on its final iteration, and not when it is in development.
  22. OHKA prototype

    It's faster to adapt an existing nose cone than build one. No sense reinventing the wheel.
  23. OHKA prototype

    Forgot to mention that that blimp was one of the first 100% models ever created back in 2010 and turned into one of the most memorable moments in my life :) All in all it turned out very well for me in the end, no hard feelings to the people involved, they never had any idea what it was all about, still don't. It's all sorted RiBob, don't worry. Thx for the input! VBH
  24. OHKA prototype

    Just a suggestion, and I'm sure that you would know better than I how to go about it. Bravo, and keep up the good work.
  25. OHKA prototype

    Doesn't sound as if it needs adapting. Roundest nosecone I've build is my 16 sided white blimp, which was called a fake. I'm sure you rember that one, :( Anyway there's no need to use the described method with the 100% models even though the method is available. You can do anything with them, provided you have knowledge about how the rendering sequence works. As I said previously they can be turned into multipart models without the need to copy it's R/S and unused nodes and polygons into every part and tweak your heart out. The result are fast rendering clean objects which can use the F.3DZ as intended and every node and polygon each 3DZ can provide. VonBeerhofen
  26. From carrier to battleship

    Told ya it can be any shape. This is what the 100% 3D models are all about. Call it a super tweak, but one that's really working. It's about fixing other 3D models which have R/S issues, which is about 99% of what's out there. You have to take my word for it that it's 100 working and when finished I'll proof it too. But I guess those who're working with 3D models don't really need that proof, right? VonBeerhofen

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