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  1. Missing parachutist

    That's great Mark, thx a lot. Haven't got much new to add yet and a single archive is much easier then several. It's all designed to go on top of eachother and with the cleaned op folder there's plenty of room. Can't go wrong with this small change. VonBeerhofen
  2. Missing parachutist

    It's come to my attention that the parachutist's 3D model was inadvertently removed from it's 3D.FXE archive, hence I've uploaded the model to my FTP site so it can be easily extracted into your EAWPRO folder (where the EAW.EXE resides) to fix the problem. The file is available here: https://rabartel.home.xs4all.nl/Parachutist.zip Sorry for any inconveniences, VonBeerhofen
  3. EAWPRO's Hires Effects

    A small example of the differences between the stock effects and the ones used in EAWPRO. This drawing shows the stock effects in the left picture and one of EAWPRO's effects in the right one. As you can see there are 9 different animations in the stock drawing, the bright colored squares are used for the tracers, one square for each calibre, and only 4 frames are available for fires. All other animations use 8 frames. EAWPRO uses an entire texture for it's 16 frames per effect and besides the longer and hires animations another advantage is that the drawing's color palette is individual to each effect drawing and is therefore much more realistic, whereas the 8 stock effects have to share those colors in a single texture. EAWPRO also uses 8 calibre colors with the option to use 16, as apposed to just 4, I just can't think of any weapons to use the remaining 8 colors. Furthermore EAWPRO uses 16+ of such Hires effects drawings but each effect can also borrow frames from the other effects drawings, which with certain animations allows a selection out of 16 x 16 = 256 frames. I hope you understand that this approach allows all effects to be swapped freely with another by simply renaming the texture file or .SPT filename. The same goes for their TRA (transparency) counterparts. I hope this explains why swapping Sprite Tables or changing them isn't as usefull as one thinks, after all each animation is linked to some action in the game and the routines for these had to be completely rewritten in order to make this work and it's not just a swap in the Sprite Table, that won't work at all since the used animations are defined in their own specific routines which control their actions. VonBeerhofen
  4. EAWPRO's multicolored tracers

    Interesting stuff RiBob, I just can't say if any of it is usable. EAW is very limited in it's capabillities and maintaining framerates is more important then accuracy. You may understand that the tracers are just a line on the screen which can only use the colors EAW has reserved for them. I've used what I possibly could use and made it look nice, I don't think I can do more then that. Within the available colors a rewrite of the code to have more is just not feasable or would take too much of my time. There's another 1000 things I want to tackle, so it's time to move on to the next issue. Thx for your input, it was an eye opener for me since us Dutch have no knowledge on bullets in general, as we're not allowed to carry arms and the info I already acquired was not very extensive. I think you'll like what I've done, :) VonBeerhofen
  5. EAWPRO's multicolored tracers

    Hi RiBob, smokey tracers are very feasable in EAW and since they were appearently used more frequently at the beginning of the war I may be tempted to replace the colored tracers for the year 1940 only. I may even be able to add the corckscrew effect to the animation. I can't say when it'll be done but it's been added to my todo list. VonBeerhofen
  6. EAWPRO's multicolored tracers

    I've programmed the tracer frequency under control of the EAW.INI entry LimitedAmmo= 1-15 max. The value 0 still is unlimited ammo. SInce it's a bitwise logical operand the sensible values are 1 3 7 or 15, the values in between will work too but makes the behaviour more irregular. Changing to a higher value will slightly improve framerate as well, because there will be more illuminated dots then tracers. The default value of 1 (stock EAW) will probably be the best choice for most people and will allow backward compattabillity, the higher values are mainly meant to improve FPS when necessary since the EAW.INI EffectsDetail setting was replaced with this option which simply is faster then the stock routine. The higher the value the less tracers. VonBeerhofen
  7. EAWPRO's contrails

    Thx Mark, nice one. VBH
  8. EAWPRO's contrails

    I made a few minor changes to EAWPRO's contrails which will benefit framerates, especially when large numbers of planes are battling it out. A Glide issue with the trails was also fixed and will be available with the next release of EAWPRO. A temporary fix has been uploaded to my FTP which restores full functionality but doesn't yet use the new improved version. Just overwrite your EAW.EXE in your EAWPRO gamefolder with this version: https://rabartel.home.xs4all.nl/EAWPRO_FIX.zip Mark if possible you can do the same thing with the download version at Mediafire, it would save me from having to construct a new .ZIP. These are how it will look with the next release: VonBeerhofen
  9. EAWPRO's multicolored tracers

    They're fading alright. but can also have smoke trails. It's a bit of a disputed issue for some players though as it may obscure the player's view of the target, and I don't know how it'll play out on FPS. With the optimised and changed code there's room for several options. VonBeerhofen
  10. EAWPRO's multicolored tracers

    Tracers are now set to app. 1 in 7 bullets and can be adjusted with a .LDR script. VonBeerhofen
  11. Having issues with dxwnd and EXEPRO

    Exactly, however EAWPRO is a NoCD/NoOS version and requires a FULL install of the game. Best way for this install is to just copy the entire CD onto your drive to prevent any registry entries being made. It will also work on working copies already installed. VonBeerhofen
  12. Having issues with dxwnd and EXEPRO

    It's adviced to install EAWPRO as suggested in the accompanying notes. The addon has all official upgrades up to v1.2 incorporated and is meant to be installed on top of the US/UK CD version. It may well work on other versions but can't be tested since those versions usually don't work on my legacy machine. You're welcome to try these versions at your own risk but no support is given when you try, as it's impossible to predict what other files will become part of your game. VonBeerhofen
  13. Having issues with dxwnd and EXEPRO

    Hi RiBob, EAWPRO should be loaded on top of an OFFICIAL RELEASE version of EAW. V1.28E is NOT an official release but a heavily modded version by the code group, hence it is not the right base for EAWPRO. VonBeerhofen
  14. With the added 5 gun calibres came the need to display their tracers differently and this is how they look now: VonBeerhofen
  15. Visit the EAW Launchpad for online games with EAWPRO, have a chat with like minded or for help and guidance relating to v1.2 derivatives! Teamspeak server details can be obtained via our (admission free) chatroom as it may change: http://www.chatzy.com/251310437564 Just leave a message or e-mail adress in our chatroom and we'll get back to you ASAP. Open all day ,no membership required, professional help or just a chat. And you can also have a look at my latest creations or just visit our screenshot gallery to get an impression of our games! https://rabartel.home.xs4all.nl/test/Gallery/image/ VonBeerhofen http://www.europeanairwar.net

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