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  1. A Different ME 262 Scenario Suggestion

    I wouldn't advice anyone to use Jel's target editor, it has a steep learning curve not only to learn how to edit the targets and place objects but also because of the relation between various files like tardata.dat, targets.dat and airfield.dat etc. We both know it would require at least several months to even start grasping how things work. Ofcourse anyone is welcome to give it a try but I've seen many give up. The hitbubble table is a much easier thing to edit and easily explained too. With a few notes it would probably take a week or so to understand how to edit it in a hexeditor or with one of Jel's tools. The question is wether it would result in interesting improvements as much time was already invested into getting the most out of it in EAWPRO. Personally I believe that various theatres will have enough diversity to keep people interested without saddling them up with learning what you and I learned. To RiBob I can only say that there's nothing easy in EAW except perhaps loading a complete addon/theatre and you don't want to spend years of your life to figure it all out if you're not totally committed to doing so. VBH
  2. A Different ME 262 Scenario Suggestion

    In EAWPRO it's easiest to control Flack and AAA capabillity by editing the hitbubble table and asign this capabillity to any object. Besides that it can be asigned to a target as Rotton describes too, however it requires specialised knowledge on how to control it properly and isn't for the faint hearted. Editing the hitbubble table is reasonably simple and can be done directly in the eaw.exe by means of a hex editor or by loading a .LDR scriptfile which can also be edited the same way. No extra tools are necessary for editing either but .LDR's make things more versatile as various scripts can be created and activated at will. The kill ratio of AAA is directly linked to the number of AAA positions, for light additionally the distance to these positions also have a big influence, the closer you are the better their aim. VBH
  3. Question About Bomber Damage Models

    Hi RiBob, It shouldn't be too hard to implement such features into the game as there is no reason to make things harder then it can be. At present EAWPRO already has many simmilar happenings. I'll have a look if I can add this idea somewhere. It may take some time though before I can get to it. VBH
  4. A Different ME 262 Scenario Suggestion

    Since I started flying EAW in Januari 2000 flackrate or accuracy has never been an issue for me or anyone who've flown EAW online in the Launchpad. Accuracy and rate are controlled by random values resulting in a lot of variance depending on the selection made in the Mission Parameter screen. Sometimes it's dense and sometimes not, fact is that as in real missions you will not know what you will encounter untill you're right in the middle of it. When dense it's ill adviced to fly straight and level, or as low as flack can aim, their accuracy improves with lesser distance. Like true flack you can also fly just below the flack treshold and it won't cause any damage. It's very rare to loose planes in misions, even when flying closed formations but it can occasionally happen. My personal estimate of v1.2 is a survival chance of app. 90%, in EAWPRO the chances are lower as there are on average about 4 to 8 times more flackpositions depending on the target location's of flack capable positions, which will move around to other locations when destroyed. When these target locations are very close together the grouping of flack automattically becomes more dense and more dispersed when further apart, as in real battles. I'd rate the average chance of survival in EAWPRO at app. 60-75% depending on the target. Both averages are with the heaviest AAA setting in the Mission parameter screen and there are two lower settings under user control which will Improve the player's survival chance. It's ofcourse always possible to sustain a direct hit, which is unfortunate but to all intend and purposes very realistic and never resulted in any complaints from the people I've flown with, not even after the offline routines were made to work online too. I don't see it as wrong to gain more control over the flack parameters but I do not agree with your assessment of survival chances. VonBeerhofen
  5. A Different ME 262 Scenario Suggestion

    Hi RiBob, Exceptions like the one you describe can be created freely in the EAW.EXE, however those exceptions stick when the 262 is reslotted with another plane. The exception may relate to the behaviour of Jet engines or more specifically to the 262 slot in EAW and could pose a problem when the same EXE is used in another scenario with another plane in the slot. The Jet engine isn't so much of a problem but slotspecific calls can be. EAWPRO has got an additional flame effect when the 262 engines start, they don't really set the asphalt burning though but mimics the effect. The flightmodels can be changed in that it's more cumbersome and will take more time for planes to take off, however in EAWPRO flightmodels use accurate data for plane weight, engine power and all the rest which result in the flightmodel behaviour. Our group discusses any tweaks to be made but the weight is more on balanced fights then take off or landing behaviour. There is no seperate flightmodel for those and creating exceptions just for the 262 slot or Jet engines may not work out very well in various addons when the same EAW.EXE is used for them. As such it's a kind of balancing act in what's more important and what is feasable. AAA action can be controlled when setting up the mission parameters, it can be low, medium or heavy. Experiment with the various settings in the Mission Parameter window, there's a lot there which can have a profound influence on the game, like skill level, enemy activity, etc. VonBeerhofen
  6. European Air War in 2019

    I'm just trying to stay away from cumbersome workarounds by using ancient computers. Picked em up from the street, :) There's a boatload of unused possibillities in DirectX 6 but the problem is to figure out how to activate them in the 3D world. Possibly some of these could be simply incorporated into some of EAW's routines, but which ones is hard to figure out and very time consuming, the more so because we can only go by trial and error when the full workings of the program isn't fully understood. I'm experimenting with limited success but it's fun and educational and sometimes there is a small success which opens a world of possibillities. Skyhigh, as for the ambience effect I can only think of weather effects like thunder and lightning and I've already started on that. Ofcourse rain is an entirely different thing which could be a screen overlay or a sprites or particles effect. That can only be done using hardware accelleration as I doubt a software solution for millions of droplets will bring the game to a halt. Furthermore there is a possibility to give a user control over the light color and intensity but I simply don't like that idea, more variation is feasable but I don't really see it'll add to what's already there. The latest EAWPRO already contains one ambience effect in the cockpit but I don't want to spoil the surprise when people encounter it. Call it an easter egg but for me as most things it's just playing with possibillities and try to understand how it works. Mark, which ever programmer would be allowed to mess with the source, he'd still have to figure out how the Source Code works and how and where to embed extra possibillities. I consider myself a decent programmer with 35 years of experience but after 10+ years of messing with stuff I'm only marginally wiser as to how things work and I'm still just trying to have some fun. Figuring out the entire game is a massive undertaking and only for lunatics who have nothing else on their hands anyway. I won't rule out some extra cool upgrades but it is very slow going and we're not getting any younger. VBH
  7. European Air War in 2019

    I don't see any differences here Skyhigh, not even with my own computers. It looks standard to me, nothing extra besides the mods ofcourse. Ambient lighting is preset in the game, just did some fun experiments with it, anything else you mention I haven't seen in the game code and when it's not in the code it'll do zilch. Ofcourse one can program new graphics features but to incorporate them into the 3D world is very unlikely, I don't think anyone has much knowledge on DirectX and it's functions, or Glide and D3D graphics routines. The manuals for these libraries are well over a few 1000 pages and as hard to learn as a new programming language. Just my thoughts VonBeerhofen
  8. A Happy New Year

    The EAW Launchpad wishes all it's members and friends a healthy and fun 2019 and expressess it's special gratitude to the Combat Ace forum and moderators for kindly allowing me to do what I've always liked doing, which has been improving EAW to the best of my abillity. VonBeerhofen
  9. EAWPRO X-Mas upgrade

    Thx guys, it may take a while before anything new comes up, with X-Mas and all, but in any case the work continues! VonBeerhofen
  10. EAWPRO X-Mas upgrade

    Since the work on EAWPRO is a continuous effort I've decided an interim upgrade would be nice. Those who've kept their game updated can simply extract the upgrade into their EAWPRO gamefolder, allow overwrites and it should be good to go. Older installs will require the latest release version on top of an official Microprose version 1.x after which the new upgrade can be added the same way as above. The upgrade is available here: https://rabartel.home.xs4all.nl/Members/FXEXE.zip Some appetizing pics: Enjoy and have a nice X-Mas VonBeerhofen
  11. Missing parachutist

    That's great Mark, thx a lot. Haven't got much new to add yet and a single archive is much easier then several. It's all designed to go on top of eachother and with the cleaned op folder there's plenty of room. Can't go wrong with this small change. VonBeerhofen
  12. Missing parachutist

    It's come to my attention that the parachutist's 3D model was inadvertently removed from it's 3D.FXE archive, hence I've uploaded the model to my FTP site so it can be easily extracted into your EAWPRO folder (where the EAW.EXE resides) to fix the problem. The file is available here: https://rabartel.home.xs4all.nl/Parachutist.zip Sorry for any inconveniences, VonBeerhofen
  13. EAWPRO's Hires Effects

    A small example of the differences between the stock effects and the ones used in EAWPRO. This drawing shows the stock effects in the left picture and one of EAWPRO's effects in the right one. As you can see there are 9 different animations in the stock drawing, the bright colored squares are used for the tracers, one square for each calibre, and only 4 frames are available for fires. All other animations use 8 frames. EAWPRO uses an entire texture for it's 16 frames per effect and besides the longer and hires animations another advantage is that the drawing's color palette is individual to each effect drawing and is therefore much more realistic, whereas the 8 stock effects have to share those colors in a single texture. EAWPRO also uses 8 calibre colors with the option to use 16, as apposed to just 4, I just can't think of any weapons to use the remaining 8 colors. Furthermore EAWPRO uses 16+ of such Hires effects drawings but each effect can also borrow frames from the other effects drawings, which with certain animations allows a selection out of 16 x 16 = 256 frames. I hope you understand that this approach allows all effects to be swapped freely with another by simply renaming the texture file or .SPT filename. The same goes for their TRA (transparency) counterparts. I hope this explains why swapping Sprite Tables or changing them isn't as usefull as one thinks, after all each animation is linked to some action in the game and the routines for these had to be completely rewritten in order to make this work and it's not just a swap in the Sprite Table, that won't work at all since the used animations are defined in their own specific routines which control their actions. VonBeerhofen
  14. EAWPRO's multicolored tracers

    Interesting stuff RiBob, I just can't say if any of it is usable. EAW is very limited in it's capabillities and maintaining framerates is more important then accuracy. You may understand that the tracers are just a line on the screen which can only use the colors EAW has reserved for them. I've used what I possibly could use and made it look nice, I don't think I can do more then that. Within the available colors a rewrite of the code to have more is just not feasable or would take too much of my time. There's another 1000 things I want to tackle, so it's time to move on to the next issue. Thx for your input, it was an eye opener for me since us Dutch have no knowledge on bullets in general, as we're not allowed to carry arms and the info I already acquired was not very extensive. I think you'll like what I've done, :) VonBeerhofen
  15. EAWPRO's multicolored tracers

    Hi RiBob, smokey tracers are very feasable in EAW and since they were appearently used more frequently at the beginning of the war I may be tempted to replace the colored tracers for the year 1940 only. I may even be able to add the corckscrew effect to the animation. I can't say when it'll be done but it's been added to my todo list. VonBeerhofen

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