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  1. OHKA prototype

    Thx for the info RiBob, very usefull information and I'll see what I can do with it. It's more fun when the flyable version has guns. VBH
  2. OHKA prototype

    There seems to have been a weaponised version, MXY7 type 11-26 which I came across in a Japanese model building kit. The above version is simmilar to it in shape but has a narrower wing with a canon? in the left wing. Another version with the wider wing was found at Okinawa and the nose of it is sleeker so I modelled that one as well. VonBeerhofen
  3. OHKA prototype

    Yep, sure was a devastating weapon. Don't think any weaponised versions were actually designed. In ECA panel it was supposed to be a rocket fired projectile. Perhaps I can do something special with the rocket routine to make it more interesting, no promises as usual. As AI they're not designed to fight and my changes to it merely make em fly around. They do attack but they have very little steering capabillity. Not sure if it's in the FM that Theo created for the Reichenberg. Will keep experimenting with it and see where it goes. Sofar it's only been about creating a good working 3D model plane but as usual it's just the beginning of the story. As RiBob mentioned, it has no problem to create a spectacular explosion, :) VonBeerhofen
  4. OHKA prototype

    Russ it can be anything you want it to be, what would you like? I'm thinking to have one as an ordinance file so it can be fired like a rocket and another one as a flyable plane, with or without guns. Ofcourse guns are a bit more fun. In EAWPRO a plane can also be set as a none flyable AI in which case it will behave as the V1 and plummet onto the target in an intercept mission. Just couldn't help it but I had to add the front- and backview of the pilot so he's visible from all angles. VonBeerhofen
  5. OHKA prototype

    The final model, only some more work on the skin remains. VBH
  6. OHKA prototype

    The summum of EAW roundess and perhaps a bit over the top which i think can't be further improved. I know, I know, it's been said before but all I wanted to learn was how to fix all the flawed planes I've seen throughout 20 years of playing this game and I think I found a fair number of solutions. Not that I'm going to fix all of em, only the one's I need. The Ohka is not EAW's toughest plane to create and there's always room for improvement but I'll only make the canopy rounder in the texture and match the nose, which is actually the exhaust of the V1 ramjet, and that'll be it, at least for now. Time to move on! VonBeerhofen
  7. OHKA prototype

    Canopy got revised, the front side panels were canted backwards and the sidepanels are now more accurate. It's not entirely right yet as I'm still using the Reichenberg drawing for the canopy but I want a more round collar all around instead of the squary look. Also added a crosshair reticule. The wing still needs a bit of work for control surfaces, a smaller wing is opional and only requires the removal of 4 polygons. Will also try to get the nose more round (less pointy). VonBeerhofen
  8. OHKA prototype

    The final 3D model? Don't think it can be further improved but I've had simmilar thoughts before. Next will be creating a proper skin for it. VonBeerhofen
  9. OHKA prototype

    I've created this protype to have a flawless plane from which other planes can easily be derived and which is cheap in terms of nodes, polygons and framerates, yet just a little more interesting then what stock planes provide. It's also been a study of the issues you see on many other planes created for EAW and how to prevent problems. It's a single 3DZ which consists of 132 nodes and 163 polygons and I've made it more elaborate then it needed to be, which just was more of an accident but very illuminating nonetheless. It showed me how to make modifications to existing planes and tweak them without significantly altering the R/S. As I said it's a prototype but a very important one because you just can not alter planes which are inherently flawed without solving these flaws first. This model has no flaws whatsoever, has more polygons then it needs and adding or deleting polygons and reshaping the model is a piece of cake for those who understand the R/S. During the build I encountered about 10 different shapes, each one slightly deviating from the base model but still totally flawless and I hope to turn them into the planes I've admired for a long time. To show what's possible here's one modified version, it's not an OHKA yet but reshaping the tail and keeping the R/S intact is not going to be a problem. Turning the canopy into a bubble version is a bit harder I think but since it's a flawless base shouldn't take too long. VonBeerhofen
  10. OHKA prototype

    Derived from my Reichenberg and still carrying some of it's details but with a fully working Rendering Sequence. There is a pilot inside too but I couldn't use the Reichenberg's tranparency file but he's in there. The skin is largely from the Reichenberg with a white overlay and all colors removed from the plane and a quick Nippon dot replacing the German insignia. Later a proper skin with proper shading will be added but first the model needs to be tweaked so all V1 details are properly adapted to get the model as it should be. Notice that the model has 8 sides, like my Reichenberg, giving it a rounder shape then the stock V1. Couldn't squeeze more out of it due to the model's small size which limits the circumference of a circle polygon. However large planes can use this technique too and may be able to use 10 or 12 sides. VonBeerhofen
  11. Extra weapons

    In line with the latest weapons loadout expansion, which adds some 7 or 8 new selectable weapons to EAWPRO the FritzX guided bomb was created. The bomb with an 800 KG warhead was used in anti shipping raids and carried by the JU 88 amongst others. The plan is to use every available weapon slot and hopefully make em work too. The FritzX for now is a selfpropelled weapon with a high drop ratio since human control of guided missiles or bombs is not yet programmed in EAW, so it'll have to do for now. VonBeerhofen
  12. Operation Husky

    Since this project got shelved after leaving SimHQ in 2010 it didn't have many cities in. Spend all week making good on that and this is now where the current ingame maps stands. The tilemap was superimposed onto the elevation map to give a better idea of the game's topography. Still in progress, adding a few thousand bridges to the rivers. VonBeerhofen
  13. New Supertrees 2 variant

    RiBob, as I wrote before, stock EAW uses multiple 3D models where each can use it's own texture. EAWPRO doubles the number of possible textures. Principally any object can be trees if you replace houses, factories etc. with a 3D tree model which would allow some 150 different drawings at once. Only one texture is used here to make finding the model easier, if there would be 12 or more you may have to fly a long way to find this model and saving time is essential when you're creating these things. This goes for any model you see in the game and even terrainsets. You can not fly hundreds of miles to find a specific terrain tile to check if it's any good, so I use a tilemap with just one tile throughout the EAW world so it's displayed no matter where I take off from. VonBeerhofen
  14. New Supertrees 2 variant

    Supertrees II can display 12 different species in EAW out of a selection of some 150 species created for it. To make it easier to find the changed model in the EAW world only one specimen is asigned to all trees in my game. Notice that the groups of each 3D model has twice as many trees then stock EAW. The use of less species improves framerates which is also an important aspect in my online games. There's a library of models I can use for the skins of trees, their mapping of the skin varies and often require minor tweaks to the model to get the best out of it. As I wrote previously no such tweaks have been done yet, the picture merely displays the resolution these new 3D models are capable of obtaining. VonBeerhofen
  15. Using a very old texture design which used to be UHR (= 512 x 256) redesigned for standard texture size 256 x 256 in 8 bit. 3D model may still change as it was selected from my base library of models. Another one may be more impressive, you never know. VonBeerhofen

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