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  1. Supertrees II and Maxview

    Another neat model to compliment the above or can be used as standalone, the Orchard, a single group of 36 trees VonBeerhofen
  2. Supertrees II and Maxview

    Ofcourse there is a large range of skins available as some people may not like what they get (really there are such people!). So plenty of choice, :) VBH
  3. Supertrees II and Maxview

    A few screen shots of EAWPRO's Supertrees II in action. Supertrees was originally released as a standalone addon at Sandbagger's to replace the 'ugly' forrest models and single trees with tree clumps, providing the game with roughly 4 times as many trees. It's been widely copied into many different addons over the years and most likely you also have a version or variant in your game. Supertrees II uses newly designed tree models which now have 25 trees in a single 3DZ, making it another 100% model using all 255 available polygons. EAWPRO can use two of these in a single object slot. This now again doubles the number as each treeslot contains 50. Here's a few screnshots of how it looks in the Final Cut. Notice the maxed out view depth on the tiles which also causes objects to remain visible from above the clouds! VonBeerhofen
  4. The EAW Launchpad group and I hope everyone will still enjoy these festive days, in spite of the looming darkness in some parts of the world. Fortunately one doesn't have to be of a certain belief for that in our part of the world, or stay in hiding. Stay healthy and safe and make the best of it! VonBeerhofen
  5. Benelux terrain Add In

    Once in a blue moon the EAW Launchpad changes it's online game to keep players interested and flying. This time I decided that the recent Blood moon was a good opportunity for a new enhancement on our BENELUX terrain set by incorporating a random selection of my 600+ Harvest tiles. These are all 8 bit versions of normal 256 x 256 pixel drawings to maintain the highest possible frame rates for our missions. It's a bit of an experiment and depending on demand the selection may change in the future. Here's a few screenies which I hope our readers will like. More screen shots of our missions will also regularly appear on my website https://rabartel.home.xs4all.nl/ You heard it first on combatace.com! VonBeerhofen EAW Launchpad janitor

    Yeah, 2D perspective can be a bit deceiving. Well perceived though, almost had me fooled me too lol. VBH

    After a thorough cleanup 9 nodes were freed and put to good use, with still 5 to spare. Now fully rigged and weaponized with 6 anti aircraft guns: VonBeerhofen

    Yeah not much you can do with that old one from 2004 anymore, might as well get scuttled. Sorry C.G. hope you like what I did to it, I really tried to keep some nodes as is, so maybe that's some consolation! Shouldn't look too shabby in Midway either. VBH

    The final 100% product, hope it's good enough. I'll find a use for the 2 remaining nodes! VonBeerhofen

    Updated pictures above and this one! VBH

    Had my doubts but once it began to take shape it went pretty quick, privilege of being a pensioner and being able to work 24/7 but I had to take a coffee break after 8 hours, :) VBH

    Found this object in another addon where a failed attempt was made to get it working in EAW. It was a kind of wrecked Fleet Defender carrier but I managed to pull it back to live and reconstructed the model from scratch. It's now fully working and can be further improved, which is a lot easier once it's repaired. You heard it first on combatace.com VonBeerhofen
  13. Carrier update

    Guess who I found not far away from the carrier, this guy really needs help! BTW, the shark is animated and swims hungry around this bloke. Glad there isn't a hole in his dingy or his head! Another VonBeerhofen original
  14. Carrier update

    Yeah, I made the towers and antennae see through, :) Otherwise it's rock solid. VonBeerhofen
  15. Carrier update

    It still had some room for improvements so I added more rigging to keep the crows nest more stable and added 3 machine guns on the aft balcony and arrestor wire, hope that's the right terminology. Plz correct me if I'm wrong, :D I still have some room left so maybe I can cram something else in. VonBeerhofen

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