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CF-116D Skin Pack 2 (Variagated and Agressor birds)

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CF-116D Skin Pack 2 (Variagated and Agressor birds)

To be used on SF2 CF-116D included in the Northrup 2 seaters that can be found here :


*** You must have installed the decals from the CF-116D in order for it to show correctly. You will also have to get the F-5N Tiger II v1 SF2 that can be found here as the agressor decals will be needed for skins to work :


You will get the following CF-116D skins in this package :

419 Sqn Variagated
419 Sqn Variagated 2 ***Grey underside***
419 Sqn Agressor (Faux Pas)
419 Sqn Agressor (Grape)
419 Sqn Agressor (Lizard)
419 Sqn Agressor (Ghost)
419 Sqn Agressor (Two Tone)


Copy the current pack objects/aircraft folder in your game CF-116D aircraft folder.
Copy the CF-116D.ini content in the CF-116D.ini file. Change the textureset number accordingly. 


- Thirdwire for creating the Strike Fighters series.
- Those involved in the work of original aircrafts from which i'm using some work from.
- Me for the paint work + new skins :).

(Northrop 2 Seaters)- FastCargo
TK - For the ThirdWire series of sims.
PappyChkSix - For the original skins, which unfortunately were lost when the model was remapped.
The Mirage Factory - For allowing me to use the cockpit, effects, damage textures and sounds from the F-5A.  FM based off of Mirage Factory F-5A.
331KillerBee - For the skins, additional information and hanger/loadout/loading screens.
USAFMTL - For beta testing and advice.
To my fellow Combatace moderators - For helping me beta test and work out bugs.
Any errors or mistakes are entirely mine.

(F-5N Tiger II v1 SF2) - Crusader
3d - BPAo , Northrop Seat by FastCargo
skin - Sony Tuckson, paulopanz (see extra *Readme, please.txt* file)
data ini FM - column5, kreelin, eburger68, paulopanz
further work,testing etc - all of The Mirage Factory back in the days..

Happy flights!

Mario C.



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