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An old project unshelved

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The Suez theatre, dragged from a dusty corner of my harddrive, where it sat unfinished since 2004 due to Moggy's work on a simmilar theatre. I don't think he ever finished it so I pulled it out again to see what else I could do with it. The map isn't the same scale anyway and lends itself more for the battle of El Alamein which is just on the map. It covers a pretty large area and I created a new desert terrain set for it already.

New though is a true elevationmap, which it never had because I had no idea how to convert such maps into EAW, but I've learned since then. With it the Suez region becomes a fully flyable theatre and is a step closer to turning it into an interesting new addon.

Work continues!



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    • By VonBeerhofen
      Yesterday I started on a new theatre to be incorporated into PTIV as an addon. Rather then posting a lot of pictures I've set up a folder on my FTP with the test flight screenshots I made to check the new tilemap and pilotmap of the Philippines theatre. Still have to figure out how to use this new club so my excuses for not following normal procedure. Hope I'm not breaking any rules. It won't be the usual way I'll post screenshots.
      This  map picture shows the app. route I flew and the tile and pilotmap I cobbled together to not get lost. Obviously this addon is about ships and carriers but also about driving the Japs out of the Philippines. The white targetdots are from PTIV, no targets have thusfar been assigned to the new map, I just had a look to see if there were any tile errors and wether the pilotmap was accurate.

      You can have a look here:

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