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New Tri-Engined planetypes

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Having found a good way to get this new planetype working it is now fully activated. The plane is programmed with one nose engine and one engine on each wing. I'm aware that there may be pusher variants which have one engine in the tail and if so I'll try to add this variant too. It's AI behaviour is a hybrid of multiple plane AI and all possible AI choices can be used, i.e. Fighter, Bomber, Fighterbomber, Strikefighter, Divebomber, Waterplane etc.

This is NOT just a modified Quad or Twin plane, which used to have just one less/extra engine nacelle in the 3D model but would behave like a Twin or Quad with perhaps an optional flightmodel for 3 engines (not sure if that's been done really). It's an entirely new planetype with it's own (damage) charactaristics and flightmodel.

It is available for all sides and all available PLANES.DAT switches can be activated on it, like multi crewed, slats, armour, defensive guns and gear type. This isn't really new in comparison with the older versions, new is their specific AI behaviour and apropiate damage routines, which are different in comparison with other versions of this plane. A plane with NOT 4 or 2 engine controls and engine damage locations, but 3!

Hope to show some proper Tri engined pics soon, sofar the testing was only done on a modified Quad and pics from that wouldn't be very representative as it only shows a B17 with one engine off. A new 3D model has to be build or an existing one needs to be properly modified in order to fully test functionallity but I can't see any problems surfacing with the choosen method. 


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