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Need scale UV Map by 25 percent ? easy

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Thanks to Monster of Polycount...

I wanted to scale up a uvmap mesh exactly as ive resized a texture from 1024 to 2048   which is obviously 2x

so rescaling a uvmap is awkward unless you use the snap feature....which is jerky...

heres a maxscript to make it so easy.

open max,drop the maxscript   Martinez_ScaleUVWsByNumber.mcr into vieport....then go to customise max ...then look for monsters uvmap scale...and add it to top tool bar...when you open a uvunwrap modifier....select the mesh.....open the toolbar button....and you get   scale tool....just add amount....in my case it was 50% to fit the doubled size texture....abracadabra...mesh is exactly 50% scaled....



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