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RCAF C-119 Skin Pack

To be used on SF2 C-119 Flying Boxcar by Wrench that can be found here :


You will get the following CC-119 skins in this package :

1953-1958 Scheme
1958-1965 Scheme
1965-1968 Scheme


Copy the current pack objects/aircraft folder in your game C-119 aircraft folder.
Copy the current pack objects/decals folder in your game C-119 decals folder.

Copy the C-119.ini content to the game C-119 aircraft folder and change textureset number accordingly.

RCAF serials and plane numbers are real one's.


All those in the original ReadME:
MontyCZ for the original aircraft and template set (and Soulfreak for finding the templates for me!!)
also, Monty for the 63 & 64 TCS skins (albeit modified slightly by me!)
the 7T USMC skin by Soulfreak The Man!!
cockpit by Kesselbrut
Wrench, for the reworking and assembling the package, skins decals, screens, and sweeping up

Thirdwire for creating the Strike Fighters series.
Those involved in the work of original aircraft.
CanMilAir and LeadingEdge Decals for the references.
Me for the new skins and decals :).

Happy flights!

Mario C.


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