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A fictional F-4G mission over Germany in 1982

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Taking off to hit air defenses surrounding an enemy air force base.



En route to the target, loaded for bear!



Taking a shot with a Standard ARM.



Say good bye to the ZSU-23-4!



It's a hit!



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I have another Standard ARM...


and I found another Shilka.



History does tend to repeat itself...



and the quarterback is toast!


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I may be all out of ARMs, but my wingman wants a piece of the action.



It is the same story as before.



And it has the same ending, too.


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My wingman missed with his second missile, so our launch rails are empty and we are heading home.






Finding a parking spot because it's now Miller time!


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On 3/23/2020 at 7:05 AM, citizen67 said:

Wow... My SF2 Europe's F-4G, has a totally different cockpit... Is yours a mod?

One that I am beta testing. The entire F-4G series with refined 3d models inside and out is being finished as we speak. But I have no idea when it will be polished enough for release.

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