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  1. Hi everybody, I was wondering if in SF2 there's a way to look around using mouse, when in cockpit view... Anyone knows? Thanks
  2. Well... right. Stupid question, thanks anyway.
  3. Scusate Il Ritardo! (ovvero, Terreno WIP)

    Eccomi, sono uno dei pochi italiani interessati a SF2, come dici tu ;-) Ottimo lavoro, attendo la release ufficiale. Chissà se a seguire arriverà anche una campagna sull'Operazione Allied Force del 1999... Speriamo! Ciao
  4. I was staring at the awesome DCS/Heatblur F-14 cockpit, and I was thinking that it would be great if some good willing man take care of the F-14 cockpit rearview mirror. Unfortunately my modding knowledge is below zero...
  5. The cockpit I'm talking about is included in the TMF F-14 Tomcat Super Pack v1.32 not the stock one from SF2:NA. And I'm referring only to the rearview mirror.
  6. I mean, it would be nice a little restyling, as Guuruu did for his beautiful Tornado.
  7. Well, I've been misundertood... I wasn't talking about the mirror angle, I don't care to view the pilot's helmet or things like this. I was talking about the good finishing of the DCS rearview mirrors. The SF2 F-14 cockpit is great, but the mirrors aren't so good as the DCS ones... They have angled lines and no frames, and are not consistent with the rest of the cockpit. Just that.
  8. Hi, I don't know how to solve this bug... I'm using SF2:Vietnam with "Air & Ground War Expansion Pack". Thanks in advance -- Citizen67
  9. Great, thank you all! That's sure better.
  10. AV-8B Harrier II Plus - SF2. ver.2019

    Well Yakarov... about the MFD it’s my fault: in the loadout I selected the “AI” LGBs... But regarding the “swing behavior” I noticed that even in flight the plane tend to lean on the left.
  11. AV-8B Harrier II Plus - SF2. ver.2019

    Hi Yakarow, I noticed that the plane swings left-right when it is on the runway, at start ... as if the gears of the wing were too short (or the main gear too long). See attachment. And it seems that the Litening Pod doesn't lock the target (no locked image of the target on the left MFD).
  12. AV-8B Harrier II Night Attack - SF2. ver.2019

    Thanks Yakarov. No problem with the download size, I was wondering if was mandatory to delete the older version from the mod folder, or is enough to apply the patch (simpler ;-).
  13. AV-8B Harrier II Night Attack - SF2. ver.2019

    Just a question, Yakarov: are the updates (for both the Harriers) appliable on top of the previous version, or is required to re-install the whole aircraft? Thanks
  14. AV-8B Harrier II Plus - SF2. ver.2019

    Perhaps you need to resize down the JPGs, from 4096x4096 to 2048x2048 (as I did in other mods, due the lack of memory in my computer).
  15. it’s getting better and better!
  16. Tornado GR.1A

    Best SF2 mod ever.
  17. Hi everybody, I've noticed the file "BombRelease.wav" in the Sound folder of several modpack (i.e. Operation Desert Storm or Falkland...), that is not set in any aircraft (in the [Sound] section in the ...Data.ini file). Anyone knows how to make it work? Thanks
  18. Sundowner's SF2 U.S. F-4D Redux

    Which mod for the terrains? The city in the first screenshot looks awesome.
  19. Do you mean that each weapon can be matched to a sound?
  20. Hi everybody, I found a strange issue with A-6A and A-7C_71 in SF2 Vietnam, modded with Air & Ground War Expansion Pack. The bombs are merged in fuel tanks and the A-7's Sidewinders are not attached to their pylons (as you can see in the pictures). Anyone knows how to solve? Thank you very much. Citizen67

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