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  1. Me too I got this problem: every time I install the "FA-18 Series Update by The Hornet Team 2.0" in a game (I tried in SF2 with Afghanistan and Libya terrain, in SF2-NA with Eastern Mediterranean terrain) the sounds go weird. The windloop.wav and the jetengine.wav sound like they were old LPs playing at 45 rpm... I noticed this happens ONLY when I install this pack.
  2. FA-18 Series Update by The Hornet Team

    I got a strange issue with this pack: every time I install it in a game (I tried in SF2 with Afghanistan and Libya terrain, in SF2-NA with Eastern Mediterranean terrain) the sounds go weird. The windloop and the jet engine sounds like a lawnmower gone mad, like it was an old LP playing at 45 rpm. I noticed this happens ONLY installing this pack... It's a very annoying thing because on other sides this is a very very very great job. Anyone else has got this problem?
  3. I've installed F-16C Blk 50 only in SF2E with the Rend's upgraded terrain. I'll do some try in different terrains.
  4. Germany Terrain reworked, by Rends. But happens only with F-16C Block 50/52 by Viper Team...
  5. Hi Happy308, what do you mean saying "rename the loadout.ini file"?
  6. Changed software, now unpacking with winrar works. Thanks
  7. Hi everybody, I'm asking you about this strange issue happened using the F-16C Block 50/52 by Viper Team, on strike missions in SF2 Europe: immediately, when the mission begins, the aircraft starts to tilt on the right side until it explodes, as if sinking in liquified tarmac... The loadout is balanced, no different weapons, no different weight under the wings and it seems this happen only on strike missions. I haven't found nothing about similar issues on the forums, so I'm asking your help. Thanks in advance. -- Citizen67
  8. Strange indeed. unzipping I got the message that the .wav files were corrupted... I will retry.
  9. downloaded twice, from both download and mirror link, but the file seems corrupted.
  10. Hi Fubar, thanks for the answer. I forgot to set my gallery to "public"... now the video should be viewable. I don't think is a "texture popping" issue. As you can see in the video (I hope, now) the flickering lines are in the cockpit, not in the environment. Looks like an anti-alias or a V-sync failure... I don't remember if my card is 512 or 1024, i'll check this evening back from work and I'll post it tomorrow. bye
  11. Hi everybody, I tried to solve this problem by myself without success, so I'm here to ask your help... I've noticed that in some cockpit (F-16, F/A-18, Tornado and few others), the horizontal lines are constantly flickering, as highlighted in the following image and as you can see in the video: I tried several times to set my graphic card settings but I could not fix it. Anyone knows hot to manage it? My PC has an old Nvidia GeForce 9800GT... Thanks in advance -- Citizen67
  12. My Things

  13. me too 4.12.2 and VP Modpack. But no way to set any kay...
  14. Yes, I found it, in the far bottom of the Control Menu, under the last section "HOTAS CONTROL" (or something like that...). But I can't input any key, it remains blank. I don't know why, so I figured out it's because I haven't a HOTAS...
  15. Hi Yubba, looks like the Head Movement key, in the IL-2 Settings Menu, is available only using an HOTAS, isn't it?

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