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  1. Incredible cockpit. So beautiful. Are you planning to upload it in CA?
  2. I agree. Along with World War II, the Vietnam era is one of my favorites. I was born later than that (1967), but I grew up with Corsairs, Phantoms and Skyhawks.
  3. A-6A Late Intruder 

    Hi Gkabs, beautiful work. I love A-6s. When you say "late" or "early" Intruder, what do you mean? Which differences between them? Which years they span? Thanks
  4. All the terrains from Menrva are great. You are just spoiled for choice.
  5. Usually, when using JDAMs, I fly around 7000 ft and I release ordnance at 3,5-5 nm from target, as I do with LGBs.
  6. help!

    This is a little mod I've made for myself, to mantain only the speech subtitles and the hint about weapons selection, chaff/flare release, radar lock, etc. in the left side. I've removed info about speed, heading, callsign, altitude, target red squares and waypoint triangle. In the Options you have to set all on Hard except HUD on Normal. Ingame_Menu.zip
  7. Because, AFAIK, Green Hell is for Strike Fighters 2 not WOV.
  8. Cold East Ground Objects Bonanza Vol.3

    It's an amazing work! Due to my awful modding skills, is there a way to pick only the "plug and play object" to put in the game, just for eye candy and to populate terrains?
  9. Wich cockpit is this? F-117?
  10. Piecemeal's Airfield Mod For Stary's 'Green Hell 3'

    Hi, what if I use this mod in Green Hell 3.5? Will I have issues? Thanks
  11. Not necessary being too humble. ;-)
  12. I don't know if I missed something, but I found YAP RW full of bugs... Anyway, I've always been a fan of SF2 and its mood, and I agree: the CA community is full of great mods and add-ons.

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