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  1. Scusate Il Ritardo! (ovvero, Terreno WIP)

    Se può esserti di consolazione i tuoi terreni sono di gran lunga i migliori mai realizzati per SF2, mi sbilancerei a dire che sono pure meglio di quelli stock. Sto usando il terreno dell'Etiopia/Corno d'Africa in modo intenso ed è eccezionale. Forse - se posso permettermi un'ipotesi che spieghi la tua percezione di disinteresse da parte della community - ci sono dei terreni che nell'immaginario collettivo riportano a scenari più "affascinanti" di altri, più facili da usare per missioni e/o campagne e che richiamano momenti storici più facili da ricreare... L'Italia e i Balcani per esempio potrebbe essere tra questi. Comunque non ti abbattere, i tuoi lavori sono veramente eccezionali, lo dico sinceramente.
  2. I'm trying setting graphic on Medium and by now I haven't encountered issues. However it's a pity to me not to experience the real performance of this mod... In any case, it's a awesome work. Five stars!
  3. Hi Menrva, yes, 3.2GHz processor and 8Gb RAM... Lot of black skin and black cockpit texture, even the same I use in other installation without problems...
  4. CTD at 80% launching a campaign... With every aircraft and every graphic setting... Such a pity.
  5. SAM Site?

    Wrench, you've got always the damn right answer!!!
  6. That's what I found every time in the Single Mission of EBurger's Operation Desert Storm, the target is supposed to be a "SAM site"... Is this ok? A barrel? Or I miss something in ground objects? Thanks
  7. you're right Wrench, your last hint is the wisest... But my fussiness always prevails!
  8. Hi, everybody, I was wondering if there is a way - in a full 5 merged installation - to avoid aircraft that have nothing to do with a specific game, to appear in the single mission drop-down menu. In example: I plan a strike mission in SF2:Vietnam and when I open the drop-down menu to choose the aircraft, I find also A-4 "Ahit", F-16A "Netz" or F-15 belonging to SF2:Israel or Europe... I know that a similar issue is possible to solve for the campaign drop-down menu, putting in the Terrains folder of each game fake folders of the other game's terrain, maybe is there a way also for the aircraft? Thanks in advance
  9. SF2-WT Gulf Wars

    Are these SF2 screenshot?!
  10. Sure, me too when I play on modern theater. But my favorite scenario is Vietnam, flying F-4s, F-5s or A-4s. It's a real nightmare to spot targets...
  11. Hi everybody, I have been playing SF2 in Hard mode except HUD settings for years, now I have decided to improve my skills, but it is very very difficult to me to locate the target on the ground... Hardened shelters, oil tanks, bridges and buildings are quite easy to see at the end, but when I have to attack a SCUD launcher or fly CAS missions against tanks or infantry, things become a real difficult. Have you guys some tips or tricks to me to follow? Thank you all.
  12. NF-5A_RNLAF_Ver1.0.7z

    Really a great work, wonderful cockpit, but how to use LGBs? There's no sniper pods or Pave Tack...
  13. No, not worth. I agree. Thank you.

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