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Hi guys, I just wanted to share a gem with you for cheap, easy head tracking with SF2.

I bought a replacement head tracking kit from https://swcproducts.com/ a couple of years ago to replace my TrackIR5 which I lost whilst moving home, anyway i found it the next day (typical) so when the replacement turned up i just left it in the cupboard as a possible spare.

Yesterday I broke out the spare as my TrackIR5 failed me with a snagged wire or something like that, so i got the spare out and plugged in the webcam, cable tied the clip to my headset and after about 2 minutes tweaking fired up SF2 and it works flawlessly.

Also the added bonus of the replacement set is it a lot more durable as its a wooden bracket and not the cheap flimsy bracket that comes with TrackIR systems.

So for about £35 you can get a great little head tracking kit that works excellent with SF2, i've not tried it with any other games because i only play SF2 or Subsims.

15% coupon code: SWC2020stu
when checking out just click on the "click here to enter your code" and enter your code for a 15% discount.



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