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Soviet Lightning Strikes Over Spain

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Polikarpov I-17 'Molniya' - Grupo de Caza No.13, Spanish Republican Air Force, 1938

50072913247_da7e3cfb28_b.jpgSpRAF I-17 MOLNIYA.01 by Spinners1961, on Flickr

50072913327_8a0b7de305_b.jpgSpRAF I-17 MOLNIYA.02 by Spinners1961, on Flickr

50072913377_e55df56a2c_b.jpgSpRAF I-17 MOLNIYA.03 by Spinners1961, on Flickr

50072913417_9b3ff2da40_b.jpgSpRAF I-17 MOLNIYA.04 by Spinners1961, on Flickr

50072664546_c1078c5c0d_b.jpgSpRAF I-17 MOLNIYA.06 by Spinners1961, on Flickr

50072664576_dd6ab18971_b.jpgSpRAF I-17 MOLNIYA.07 by Spinners1961, on Flickr

50072100953_fc604a4080_b.jpgSpRAF I-17 MOLNIYA.08 by Spinners1961, on Flickr

50072101018_a6d1e94eef_b.jpgSpRAF I-17 MOLNIYA.09 by Spinners1961, on Flickr


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