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Hi. How are you?
I've been looking for information, I know there is a specific topic, but I can't find it.
I am flying a campaign, and I see that it is always the same type of mission (intercept or similary). I would like to fly a campaign combining mission types. STRIKE, CAP, ESCORT, Etc ... 
I am flying a campaign, it must be the third unfinished, and I would like the length of the campaign to be 10 or 15 missions to change the scene for example and not be monotonous. Although if the types varied, it would be more entertaining.

I have read that you can modify the Campaign_Data.INI. But where is it? I only found it in the Desert Storm Mod, but not in North Atlantic or Europe (base installation or Mod). I have seen that it can be configured. Where?
I have read of changing the date of the Terrain.INI. This one still don't look for it. [AllowedDates]
I have read that they are in a .CAT. What software does it open with? Should we close it again? Where is it?

If there is a post in Knowledge Base, please tell me to see it.
I am very amused by this simulator and I want to adjust it to my preference.
I will continue to learn in this forum as always.
Thank you very much.


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Hello Jack33. 

Thank you very much for the document. It is excellent information. Surely what I needed and much more. I am very grateful.

Best regards,


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Good afternoon. I have not been successful.

I have not found the folder Campaign.

I have not found the file Campaign.cfg.

I have not found the file campaign_data.ini.

I have also not been able to open CAT files with SP1E.

The only place I see the campaign folder is in the Desern Storm add on. Not in the other mods of the installation.

And finally, in the option.ini file there is a line from [Campaign] that says LENGHT = NORMAL. Are there other options for this?

My installation is Strike Fighter 2 updated to 2013.

Thank you very much.



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rule of thumb for SF2 series games:

if the folder does not exist, CREATE one. (covered in the Knowledge Base, most likely, under "What Is the Mods Folder")

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