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  1. Thank you very much for the hard work, one thing I have noticed is problems with the decals of the F-16, especially in the tail. Something related to reverse -false, on the other hand easy to solve, you just have to remove the line
  2. all my cockpits of the F-4E have your wonderful cockpit,Ravenclaw
  3. Dear partners. Would it be possible for these lights to illuminate in the cockpit of the Phantom F-4J when the underwing fuel tanks were carried?
  4. Dear colleague, if you put this configuration at the end of the cockpit.ini file, when you use the key that moves the nozzles on the harrier for vertical flight the flight stick moves and you see the radar screen. a greeting Instrument[212]=CarrierLandingView2 [CarrierLandingView2] Type=THRUST_VECTOR_CONTROL NodeName=StickRoll MovementType=POSITION_Z ValueUnit=DEG Set[01].Position=0.0 Set[01].Value=4.9 Set[02].Position=-0.002 Set[02].Value=5.0 Set[03].Position=-0.080 Set[03].Value=24.0
  5. Dear colleagues, I do not know if it will be the windows update, what happens to me now is that before I could not put the effects to the maximum because it gave me CTD and now if I put the effects to the maximum if I can
  6. covid-19

    I wish a speedy recovery

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