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  1. What terrain? , please Yakarov
  2. Thank´s Ravenclaw_007 is beautyfull
  3. Dear partners. I know it's unreal, but there would be some way to make the F-100D super sabre more agile, especially to make dogfhigt Thank´s
  4. You have tried to delete the files, options. ini and version .ini? of the backup
  5. Dear friends, I would like to have some help, I am trying to keep the smoke trails of the air-to-air missiles longer, I am experimenting with the emisionrate and ParticleWindFactor parameters, could you explain how these parameters work to get the smoke trails more persistent over time. Thank you
  6. Thanks for keeping the simulator alive with your great work
  7. good news ,maybe it's the beginning of something
  8. Nuevo Harrier vestido de matador

    Es una modificación de uno existente , no lo puedo publicar es solo para uso personal, me das correo y te lo mando. Un saludo

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