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  1. what terrain , please
  2. thank´s for the reply,but is posible in the sim, in cockpit of harrier 3
  3. Dear colleagues, I understand that the "nose" of the Harrier GR3 is a laser designator, my question is how can I place a laser screen in the cabin, since I only see the map, the designator or I put it in a point of anchoring or via modification of the ini in the data.ini of the plane without problem, but the screen in the cabin does not. If anyone knows how to do it please tell me. a greeting
  4. Estimados compañeros, tengo entendido que la "nariz" del Harrier GR3 es un designador laser, , mi pregunta es cómo puedo colocar en la cabina una pantalla de laser, ya que solo me aparece el mapa, el designador o bien lo coloco en un punto de anclaje o vía modificación del ini en el data.ini del avión sin problema, pero la pantalla en cabina no. Si alguien sabe cómo hacerlo por favor me lo comente. Un saludo
  5. Thank´s, for your work
  6. Environment sistem sarcasm 2.0 [Sky] SkyDistance=80000 SkyHeightPosition=-500 SkyPanelCount=9 SkyPanelHeight=25000 HorizonVertexHeight=0.025 SkyMaterial=SkyMaterial HorizonCloud=HorizonCloud HorizonCloudTexture=HorizonCloud%d%d.tga [HighAlt] HighAltColorStart=3500.0 HighAltColorEnd=15000.0 HighAltSkyColor=0.062,0.080,0.164 HighAltHorizonColor=0.384,0.553,0.922 HighAltFogColor=0.651,0.757,0.965 SunLightModifier=1.1 AmbientModifier=0.1 SpecularModifier=1.25 and fligthtengine [GraphicsSettings] ZBufferDepth=32 MaxVertexCount=16384 MaxIndexCount=98303 MaxTextureCount=4096 MaxModelType=2024 MaxMeshPerScene=4096 MaxModelPerScene=2024 MaxLightPerScene=256 AspectRatio=1.333333 MinPixelSize=1.0 [BackgroundSceneClip] FarClipDistance=160000.0 NearClipDistance=3000.0 [ForegroundSceneClip] FarClipDistance=14000.0 NearClipDistance=0.45 [InsideSceneClip] FarClipDistance=250.0 NearClipDistance=0.01 [LowDetailOption] HorizonDistance=60000.0 DetailMeshSize=9 DetailLevel=0 WaterEffect=0 NoiseTexture=0 MaxTextureRes=128 [MedDetailOption] HorizonDistance=84000.0 DetailMeshSize=9 DetailLevel=1 WaterEffect=1 NoiseTexture=0 MaxTextureRes=256 [HighDetailOption] HorizonDistance=100000.0 DetailMeshSize=14 DetailLevel=2 WaterEffect=2 NoiseTexture=1 MaxTextureRes=512 [UnlimitedDetailOption] HorizonDistance=75000.0 DetailMeshSize=16 DetailLevel=2 WaterEffect=2 NoiseTexture=1 MaxTextureRes=0 Thank´s

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