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  1. Dear colleagues, as I have already said, I am not an expert or a thief, I just asked why I got the 3d max program and I have no idea how it would be done, it was just to play a little with the program. I thought that with the lod file it was possible, but I see from your answers that it cannot. I do not need permission from the creator because I have no idea how to do it. I will expect some knowledgeable charitable soul to perform such an operation. Greetings to all and thanks for the responses PD my profession is a doctor from many years ago and I have not stolen nor will I ever steal, I dedicate myself to cure and my hobby is aerial simulators
  2. Of course it is for personal use only
  3. Dear crawford, To import the 3d model of the cockpit, in 3d max, do I need any plugin ?, because I try with the cabin of the F-16C Blk50 / 52 Series By the Viper Team and I cannot
  4. Dear colleagues, is it possible to add the pilot's legs to an existing cockpit with 3d max? if you can, how it would be done. Sorry if the question is absurd, but I'm not an expert, just an amateur. Thank you
  5. In the cockpit.ini file pay attention to two sections Offset = 0.0, -0.03,0.0 OpenCockpit = TRUE
  6. Sorry, it was my fault, I did not understand you well, my language is Spanish and I use a translator, there are English expressions that I cannot understand
  7. Hello, it seems to me that some people don't like us here, they answer us sometimes very badly:suicide:

    1. UllyB


      Well maybe they had a bad day or they are just tired of aswering the same questions over years. Or maybe some of them choose to be rude/harsh with some people whose style they don't like. I am used to that kind of treatment. It surfaces especially when you are yourself and you honestly speak your mind, which I oftenly do, but I try to be civilized and polite in any conversation I have. There are also people that no one can change them or maybe they can't change themselves, that's the way they are and there is nothing to be done here.

    2. jack33


      we are going to send you this cake

      tarta amigas.jpg

  8. How sad, no ?, I do not know why you answer me in such an unpleasant way, I have not done anything to you
  9. Dear colleagues: will the current mods for sp2 be compatible with the future version of compatible windows 10?
  10. God bless America,and help them in their fight with the coronavirus
  11. I'm sorry I bothered you, I won't do it anymore
  12. Dear comrades, I know it's a trifle, but what an effects package gives the most spectacular explosions with a lot of fire and a lot of smoke in the Holliwood style. Thank you

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