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  1. maybe,AvionicsF14A.dll, in the configuration file? instead of Avionics70.dll
  2. Thank,s , now I am using the cockpit of F-8 with radar
  3. Dear colleages: Is posible put some sort of radar in cockpit of Harrier GR3?, it is to use this cockpit in SEA Harrier Thank´s
  4. I´think http://combatace.com/files/file/12529-cvn-75-harry-s-truman-modern-cvw-3/
  5. Dear friend: what pack of effects, are awesome
  6. With this version the problem persists, greetings http://combatace.com/files/file/15816-korea-visual-update-and-enhancements-pack/
  7. thanks , if not too much to ask , what is that version
  8. Dear friends,there is a fix for problems with the trees in korea3? a greeting
  9. dear companion , now as I get that cab indication appears sx loaded and no mrm as I can change this by altering the F-15A_cockpit ini . a greeting
  10. Thank´s, and the aircraft fire? is wow
  11. Dear friend what effect pack , please
  12. be possible some day, a strike fighters 4.33 falcon style developed by the community? would be wonderful

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