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Back again myself

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It's entitled "The Luftwaffe Fighter Force", and comprises immediate post-war interrogations of many higher-ups in the Luftwaffe.  It is not a fighter-pilot's view, but rather an organizational, operational and tactical discussion of the Luftwaffe throughout its' life.  There is some interesting discussion of effective ranges of various Allied and German weapons and aircraft, both currently-used by the Luftwaffe, and some planned to become operational during 1945, had the war lasted longer.

Game and scenario developers, will likely find a good deal of useful information in this book, particularly developers of "What If" scenarios.

A limitation of the book is because of the imprisonment of many of the German "contributors", the Germans were forced to operate from memory, so people reading this book should confirm the information contained within.

Still, for free, there just might be some useful "nuggets".

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Hey RiBob,

hope you're doing well and good to see you're still around. I've never been away myself but I'm just not posting much but I try reading all interesting stuff in most flightsim forums. As for reading books I think it's a bit too much to ask from devellopers as there's good information available through Google's search function. However, since you seem very interested in the subject yourself it wouldn't hurt to see this information verified from your books, preferrably in neat and easily comparable format. That would make it a lot easier for devellopers to obtain the right information they need and will save a tonne of work.

I hope you understand how much time it would require for people who're more in devellopment then gathering data, besides that, since you play EAW, have you ever come across any weapons deficiancy or noticed weapons ranges and weapons impact power to be incorrect? Let us know if you do and we'll try to fix it! Ofcourse this offer only applies to EAWPRO but we've done a lot of research already to get it right so it won't be easy to find anomalies.

Thanks for bringing it under our attention inspite of this.


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