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Workshop setting: Wingman

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I was going to leave this one as it's fairly obvious I thought :D

Wingman On means you get an assigned wingman who flies along side you.

Wingman off, means you don't (in WW1 you did not really have an assigned wingman so default is off).


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15 hours ago, Polovski said:

I was going to leave this one as it's fairly obvious I thought :D

Fair enough :biggrin: even this former RL fighter pilot pensioner understands what a wingman is. But, are there some minimum requirements or situations when this won't work by design? For example, does it work only if the player is a Veteran? Or only when the player is the Flight Leader? I certainly don't expect a welded wingman, just trying to understand what we should expect. I thought perhaps this was a WOTR feature that crept into BHAH 2.

I ask because I have a rookie pilot in 11 Squadron. I've checked "Wingman ON" in the Workshop settings. On the Briefing screen, it shows I have a wingman. I've experimented by leaving the formation in transit, I had engine trouble wingman logically didn't follow me. I left the formation on the patrol segment to chase bandits but my wingman didn't follow me. So I figure that my circumstances didn't check all the minimum requirements. 

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. My wingman stayed with the formation rather than follow me. It's not that I need a wingman, or that I want a modern era cheat, just trying to see if it works as you intended or if it's glitched. 




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He is a guy on your wing, and it will be the same AI pilot each time, mostly for fun so you can protect him, he can help you sometimes, but it's WW1 he is not glued to you.

If you leave they have to carry on with the mission.

You will always have him doesn't mater on rank or flight position, it's very simple thing.  Legacy from older WOFFs where this was enabled by default.


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