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  1. Sopwith Strutter bomb load

    Much obliged. This is the two-seater, 70 Sqn RFC. Graphically the 40-pound bombs are missing. I had loaded up B Flight with them for an attack on a railway station.
  2. So where did the Strutter carry bombs? I don't have a Sopwith reference book. The only way I was sure I had them was to cycle to the next weapon.
  3. JSGME

    I would really appreciate a functional logbook editor as well.
  4. That is correct. Bertangles West is approx 4 NM away from where I landed.
  5. Offered as an observation NOT criticism. I'm having a blast. On the latest mission (the one with the Aviatik stuck in a descending orbit) I landed back at base at the same time as A Flight. The debriefing screen shows that I landed at Bertangles West and A flight landed at home. I've noticed on more than one occasion when I land at a divert aerodrome the debrief screen will show I've landed at home. Here's a shot from turning downwind. I took it because of the guy that landed off the aerodrome 1.4 NM to the north. And the debriefing screen.
  6. Yesterday I noticed a squadron mate circling on the friendly side of NML. The activity label said he was Going Home. I rejoined on him and flew on his wing as he simply descended into the mud. The text color changed from green to black as expected. The debriefing screen showed that they both were okay, and there was no loss of an airplane, none being repaired. Today I watched an Aviatik (one in a pair) that was displaying Going Home go into a gradually descending orbit from 10,000 feet well inside Allied lines. My observer had just flamed the first Aviatik (I was flying below and in front of him), we turned to attack the trailer. Before I could perform a lead turn on him, he went into a left-hand orbit. He didn't fly a constant diameter circle. My observer managed to flame this one too. I don't recall seeing this before. Anybody else notice this behavior? Might it be a change to the DM?
  7. Aye laddie. All leaves are canceled until morale improves.
  8. Took advantage of manually advancing a career one week. The 7 Day Time Advance Activity Summary showed that an experienced crew had died on D-4 and the same crew was wounded on D-1. Indeed both pilot and observer were listed on the squadron roster prior to my next mission. If this is a known phenomenon, "move along, there's nothing to see here." In other news, when using the RTB command to send squadron FNGs (nuggets) home, it is also a good idea to follow that up with the new Split command so they stop trying to fly formation with you. That's pretty cool.
  9. Workshop setting: Wingman

    Thanks for the explanation.
  10. Workshop setting: Wingman

    Fair enough even this former RL fighter pilot pensioner understands what a wingman is. But, are there some minimum requirements or situations when this won't work by design? For example, does it work only if the player is a Veteran? Or only when the player is the Flight Leader? I certainly don't expect a welded wingman, just trying to understand what we should expect. I thought perhaps this was a WOTR feature that crept into BHAH 2. I ask because I have a rookie pilot in 11 Squadron. I've checked "Wingman ON" in the Workshop settings. On the Briefing screen, it shows I have a wingman. I've experimented by leaving the formation in transit, I had engine trouble wingman logically didn't follow me. I left the formation on the patrol segment to chase bandits but my wingman didn't follow me. So I figure that my circumstances didn't check all the minimum requirements. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. My wingman stayed with the formation rather than follow me. It's not that I need a wingman, or that I want a modern era cheat, just trying to see if it works as you intended or if it's glitched.
  11. I need some clarifiation, please... What does the Wingman Off (or Wingman On for that matter) do?
  12. F-5E Early Versions Pack

  13. Awful lot of bird droppings on those jets ..Base Ops needs to get their guy with his falcon to patrol the flightline.

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