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Convair F-106B Delta Dart

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Convair F-106B Delta Dart

F-106B: (Convair Model 8-27) Two-seat, combat-capable training version.
Pilot and instructor are seated in tandem. Due to the extra seat, the
fuselage is actually better area ruled; combined with a likely reduction
in weight. Weapons configurations same as F-106A.
NF-106B: This designation was given to two F-106Bs used as test aircraft
with NASA and associated research facilities from 1966 to 1991.


- a brand new two seater plane
- 33 skins
- historical decalsets by squadron
- pilot
- weapons
- screens


- Pasko: plane model
- Denis Oliveira: cockpit fix 3D parts
- Gkabs: pilot
- paulopanz: skins, decals etc


- all in main mod folder
- delete NASA folder in F-106A aircraft and decals folder


- Denis Oliveira is the Fake Pilot King!





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Hi Mate!

I just tried to write this down in a PM to keep this private... but you do not allow PM... so here it is.


I saw that you just released another two new packs for the F-106... which a was glad to see.

But this time I can't resist to remind you, that you still keep using a lot of decals made by me for the first SF2 release of the F-106, without giving me credit at all... which is a bit sad...

The Decals I am talking about are the Tail insignia of the following squadrons:

  • 27th
  • 49th
  • 84th
  • 94th
  • 95th
  • 318th

This is just what I saw at first glance, as I am obviously not willing to check everything :wink:
These was made by me from scratch... I still have the original layered Paint Shop Pro files...

So you may consider to reassess your Credit politics... if you like.


Stay well and have a nice week!


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