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  1. Convair F-106B Delta Dart

    F-106B: (Convair Model 8-27) Two-seat, combat-capable training version.
    Pilot and instructor are seated in tandem. Due to the extra seat, the
    fuselage is actually better area ruled; combined with a likely reduction
    in weight. Weapons configurations same as F-106A.
    NF-106B: This designation was given to two F-106Bs used as test aircraft
    with NASA and associated research facilities from 1966 to 1991.
    WHAT'S IN:
    - a brand new two seater plane
    - 33 skins
    - historical decalsets by squadron
    - pilot
    - weapons
    - screens
    - Pasko: plane model
    - Denis Oliveira: cockpit fix 3D parts
    - Gkabs: pilot
    - paulopanz: skins, decals etc
    - all in main mod folder
    - delete NASA folder in F-106A aircraft and decals folder
    - Denis Oliveira is the Fake Pilot King!



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  2. QF-106A & QF-106B drones pack

    QF-106A & QF-106B: Converted into drones, were still capable of being flown
    both as manned and unmanned aircraft.
    WHAT'S IN:
    - two target drones
    - 4 skins
    - historical decalsets
    - weapons
    - screens
    - Pasko: plane model
    - Denis Oliveira: cockpit fix 3D parts QF-106B
    - paulopanz: skins, decals etc
    - all in main mod folder and overwrite
    - QF-106A is the same of previous F-106A pack but new tail decals are added
    - Denis Oliveira is the Fake Pilot King!




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  3. Convair F-106 Delta Dart pack upgrade

    F-106A Delta Dart
    The Convair F-106 Delta Dart was the primary all-weather interceptor aircraft
    of the United States Air Force from the 1960s through to the 1980s. Designed
    as the so-called "Ultimate Interceptor", it proved to be the last dedicated
    interceptor in U.S. Air Force service to date. It was gradually retired during
    the 1980s.

    F-106A Project Six Shooter 1972
    In 1972 F-106As were upgraded in Project Six Shooter that involved fitting
    the F-106 with a new canopy without metal bracing which greatly improved pilot
    visibility. Also added was an optical gunsight, and provision for a single M61
    Vulcan 20 mm cannon. The M61 Vulcan had 650 rounds of ammunition in the center
    weapons bay and it replaced the AIM-26 Super Falcon or Genie.
    QF-106A Drone Pacer Six
    Between 1 June 1983 and 1 August 1988 the Delta Darts were incrementally retired
    and sent to the Military Storage and Disposition Center in Arizona.When the need
    for a high performance Full Scaled Aerial Target Drone was required the USAF began
    withdrawing Delta Darts from storage. Starting in 1986, 194 (F-106A and B) of the
    surviving surplus aircraft were converted into target drones and these were
    designated QF-106As and used for target practice vehicles under the Pacer Six Program
    by the Aerial Targets Squadron. The last was destroyed in January 1998.The drones
    were still capable of being flown as manned aircraft, such as for ferrying to a test;
    during the test they were flown unmanned.The QF-106 replaced the QF-100 Super Sabre
    drone; the last shoot down of a QF-106 (57-2524) took place at Holloman AFB on 20
    February 1997 after which the QF-106 was superseded by the QF-4S and QF-4E Phantom II
    What's In:
    - F-106A repacked
    - F-106A '72 refit
    - QF-106A Drone Pacer Six
    - Sounds, Pilots, Weapons, screens
    - 50 new / redone High Res kins
    - historical serial numbers by squadron
    - historical drones serial numbers
    - squadrons history
    - plane Pasko's and Column5's (original readmes included)
    - SF-2 porting: DaniloE31
    - high res templates: Geary
    - F-106A (72) mod: DTMDragon
    - F-106A (72) 3D parts: Nyghtfall
    - original QF-106A: ChampionsVA56
    - skins, screens, ini tweaks & decals: paulopanz
    - canopy = 10 key autoclosing [only for F-106A]
    - For QF-106A mod add this (if you haven't yet) to your NATIONS.INI
      in "flight" folder   on the bottom of the list
      (XXX is the last entry number +1)
    DisplayName=Range Control Group
    - delete any previous F-106A folder from your "aircraft" folder
    - put all in your main folder and overwrite
    - visit this great site: https://www.f-106deltadart.com/



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  4. F-106A Delta Dart for SF2

    This is a conversion/repainting/repackaging of Pasko & Column5’s F-106A to the newest SF2 standards. It was tested with SF2NA July2013 release, hard settings.
    It contains 8 skins, the weapons and the relative effects:
    5th FIS late 70ies
    27th FIS early 60ies
    49th FIS early 80ies
    84th FIS early 60ies
    87th FIS late 70ies
    94th FIS 1969 Korea Deployment
    95th FIS early 60ies
    318th FIS late 70ies
    AIM-4F Falcon SAHM
    AIM-4G Falcon IRM
    AIR-2A Genie AHM
    Vulcan M61A1 Gun Pod
    360Gal external Fuel Tanks
    Aerial Nuke Effect
    The skins are basically Sundowner’s HiRes textures with small improvements. Brand new decals and serial numbers are my own work, except few patch decals, which are still Dave’s ones. Serial numbers correspond to real life, in accordance to Photo material and the Delta Dart Archive:
    FM is based on eburger68’s file included in OP Tainted Cigar, still heavily reworked and improved by me to suit the latest game engine. Cruise speed, manoeuvrability and energy bleeding seems to me now very much spot on.
    The Weapons’s Data files are also revised: don’t pretend to hit anything manoeuvering with the AIM-4G... these are only supposed to hit straight flying Bombers or Black Bandits (landing or low on fuel non-fighting MiGs). The AIM-4F has better chances to hit an enemy fighter. The fuzing distance on both is set to 0.1m... I know the Falcons had no proximity fuse at all, but as the impact sensors were placed on the wings, about 10cm far form the (0,0) axis, it seemed to me a very good compromise.
    The AIR-2 rocket is set as Active Radar Homing with very high counter measure and noise rejection. The war head is something bigger than the real 1.5kton. These alterations make the AIR-2 work as it is supposed to. Be sure to put the steering point straight in the middle before firing, as this weapon is supped to be a rocket and won’t turn that much.
    One important advice: if you edit this weapon with TW’s Weapons Editor, once you save your changes the program will delete the entire [AerialNukeEffect] section in your data file! So please don’t forget to back up.
    Aerial Nuke Effect is Lexx Luthor’s work, as far as I remember...
    Keep in mind that the Weapon Station in the Data.ini are marked with Specific Station Codes “AIM4” and “AIR2”, just in case you are trying to use weapons from other Weapon Packs.
    The external fuel tanks are set to be jettison type, as people with real life experience on the ‘Six’ says that even though they never were jettisoned in OP because of their good performance, still it was indeed every time possible.

    3D Model: Pasko
    Cockpit: Kesselbrut
    Avionics: Column5, eburger68, DaniloE31
    Data.ini: Column5, eburger68, DaniloE31
    Loadout & loading images: DaniloE31
    Hangar image: MKSheppard
    holes.tgas: eburger68
    Textures: Sundowner
    Decals: Dave, DaniloE31
    Weapons Model: Pasko (I think?! Please rectify me in case…)
    Weapons Data: DaniloE31
    Aerial Nuke Effect: Lexx Luthor
    Beta Test: 76.IAP-Blackbird
    Known Issues:
    - The 3D model has not enjoyed any rework, so you will still see the known problems as:
    - Shadow issue on the leading edge of both wings (wrong normals)
    - Unsmoothed Canopy
    - Lack of Bump Map
    - Lack of Specular Map
    - The Weapon Bay shows the animation only when firing from the rear Falcon Station (i.e. AIM-4G) because of a limitation of the game engine, as you can’t assign the same animation to different Weapon Stations...
    I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and still do!


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