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SF2 Bell TH1-L Huey Remod Pack

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SF2 Bell TH1-L Huey Remod Pack

SF2 Bell TH1-L Huey Remod Pack                    4/30/2021

-For SF2 =ONLY= (Full 4/5 Merged Recommended)

This is an update/remod back of the TH1-L Huey trainer as used by Helicopter Training Squadron 18 (HT-18) "Vigilant Eagles" from 1969 thru 1998(ish). The original SF1 upload, from 2005, has recieved something of an overhaul, mostly to the skin, and now with the addition of 100% historical BuNum (serials) and Modex/pennant numbers.

Extensive research has allowed me to run down the full 45 aircraft production run, as used by both HT-8 and HT-18. All serials are 100% historically correct. when possible, they have been matched to their Modex/Pennant numbers. Those with the star (*) on the Number list are positives matches. Those without the star, could not be matched to a specific Modex.

This is the full aircraft, with all necessary parts included (sounds, pilots, etc). A new Hangar Screen was created, as well as damage tgas and the addition of a destroyed model. The data ini has had the hit boxes corrected. The FM itself remains untouched from it's original "as issued" state. Be advised of continuing issues with helo FMs in SF2. The Standard Animation Keystroke (tm), shift/0 (zero) opens the sliding cabin doors.

When in game, on the aircraft selection drop down you'll see:

TH-1L Huey

As is always recommended, unzip to a temp folder or your desktop to give easy access to the rest of this readme for it's install instructions. PLEASE read them, before installing!!! The full Change Log is also in the "Notes" section. The original release readme from 2005 is also included, for historical purposes.

Happy Landings!

Kevin Stein

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