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Why Upgrading Your computer Can Help EAW Players

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I have a SFF (Small Form Factor) Dell Optiplex 790 computer. I Upgraded the CPU to the max I7 CPU possible, consonant with Dell (and Intel) recommendations. I also installed an SSD, cloning OEM HDD.

Turns out doing so, along with a BIOS update, may allow me to DOUBLE the RAM up from former Max OEM of 16Gb to 32Gb. Presumably this is due to upgraded CPU allowing an updated BIOS, hence additional RAM capacity. These things seem to build on each other.

It also seems that updating CPU on Dell Inspirion N5050 laptop from compatible I5 to compatible I7 also may allow, with BIOS update, DOUBLING the RAM from former max of 8Gb to 16Gb max. Since integrated Gfx chip on this laptop also relies on available system RAM, the value of the combined upgrades is obvious.

These sorts of upgrades are of value to EAW players, since the game can be played, with all graphics at near max, even on elderly, but upgraded computers and even laptops. The more EAW players, the better, I say. Making their computers better able to run EAW (or any other game) is all to the good.

It took some digging, referencing multiple sources, to confirm that the above upgrades were possible, and long-term viable. I suspect that computer mfrs and Intel have scant interest in revealing how some upgrades (CPU/BIOS) also allow other upgrades (RAM). Unsurprisingly, they are much more interested in selling new computers than upgrading older ones. This Upgrading may still be viable for older computers, since suitable components, such as CPUs and some Gfx cards, are not suitable for more modern computers, but still available at reasonable prices for older computers.

Nowadays, with the "computer chip" shortage, it is a difficult time to perform some upgrades on many computers; some high-end upgrade components being in great demand or even being unobtainable except at "scalper" prices. Laptop components do NOT seem to have suffered from the price inflation as seen with "conventional" computers. Crypto-currency " Miners" don't use laptops, so upgrading them is still financially viable. Same holds true for many older desktop computers; compatible upgrading components are usually not the components in high demand-- for the present. It may well be that some folks will need to postpone a "new" computer purchase, and will turn to upgrading existing equipment in the interim.

Dollars and Sense: Upgrading my laptop with new CPU and Upgraded RAM will cost about $120. I can do the job myself, on kitchen table, in about an hour. Many vids on YouTube about how to perform various upgrades. Compared to the cost of a NEW laptop, the value of upgrading is apparent. I'll try to sell the older components on Ebay to partially re-coup the cost of new components.

Addendum: I took stock of all my existing CPUs and Gfx cards lying around, and sent them all to my Ebay guy. With things as they are, I should be able to recoup original $ paid for all of them, even with his "cut".

ETA: As things turned out, I seem to have made a decent profit.

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