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Canadair CL-13 Sabre F.Mk.5

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Canadair CL-13 Sabre F.Mk.5

On 30 July 1953, the first Sabre Mk.5 flew with the Orenda 10 engine,
which gave it a clear rate of climb and ceiling advantage over earlier
variants. Other Mk 5 improvements included a new oxygen system and
improved maneuverability and low-speed characteristics achieved by
increasing the wing chord by six in (15.2 cm) at the root and three
in. (7.2 cm) at the wing tip along with fitting a small vertical wing
fence. This modification, originated by North American on the F-86F,
dramatically improved maneuverability, though the loss of the slatted
leading edge increased landing speed and degraded low speed handling
considerably. Canadair built 370 Mk 5s with the majority designated
for use in the RCAF's Air Division squadrons in Europe to replace
the Mk.2s. A total of 75 RCAF Sabre 5s were transferred to the German
Luftwaffe during 1957.


- 2 new planes
- 34 high rez skins
- decals, sounds, weapons etc.


- Zur model
- Ravenclaw temps
- paulopanz skins, decals, ini edits


- all in main mod folder and overwrite






PS: Canadair Sabre n°3 pack, to be continued soon.


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Hi Paulopanz, apparently the Cockpit_Interior_Widgets is missing? I cannot get this portion to appear in the jet. I’ve done a search and it’s nowhere to be found. Please help, Thank you, NIELS


Edited by NIELS

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Disregard, found it in the nose and pilot data.ini entries - changed both to CL13B = "Works now"


Edited by NIELS

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