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  1. img00021.JPG

    What terrain do these pic's come from? Thanks, NIELS
  2. Found the problem - looked inside the jet with the ctrl-f12 key combo. It was sitting just below the pilot? Thank you all for taking time out to help/reply..........Much appreciated!
  3. Not sure Wrench - I pulled it from my NATO fighters install Objects/Pilots folder. Trying to place it in the F-86H for better representation of E-seat in that jet. I'll do some searching to figure where it came from. Appreciate the feedback/replies from you and Cliff7600!
  4. I have beat my brains out trying to get this seat to appear! I've checked it with the lod viewer, HEX editor and all entries appear correct. However, when placed in acft does not show up. Could any modder's out there please take a look at it when able? would be much appreciated. Thanks, NIELS seat_f-84f.zip
  5. Disregard, found it in the nose and pilot data.ini entries - changed both to CL13B = "Works now"
  6. Hi Paulopanz, apparently the Cockpit_Interior_Widgets is missing? I cannot get this portion to appear in the jet. I’ve done a search and it’s nowhere to be found. Please help, Thank you, NIELS
  7. BADASS! Cant wait for the 'Widow Maker'
  8. With the right know how..............IT CAN BE DONE! BRAVO! MODDER's ROCK!
  9. BADASS! Nice work ravenclaw_007
  10. Wish one of the mod guru's could whip up some horizontal stab antenna's for this 'Bad Ass' little bird.

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