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  1. Outstanding addition to the SF2 family!
  2. Hell Yah! Can't get enough of your models Veltro2k.......................We need more sub hunters!
  3. Beautiful!......................Outstanding work - Thanks Much!!!!
  4. IDF Canberra = BAD ASS! Mandatory Pic
  5. Canberra B(I).12

    Can't get enough Canberra's - Outstanding work!
  6. Thanks for the info daddyairplanes. Sure would be nice if TK could bend a bit on the AR issue. Tanker tracks sounds great - anything to add to the immersion factor is a bonus! Again - Job well done on the 'Heavies' - Much appreciated!
  7. Thanks for the KC-135 'drogue' reff. Daddyairplanes. The tankers here at CA are great - just wish we had a way to transfer and receive fuel like the tweek they had years back. The webs site I was referring to is a different air combat sim/web site all together. Don't want to mention details for fear of being banned. The stuff you have done for the 'Heavies' and all other mods here are outstanding! For the 'Century Series' especially, you can't beat what CA has to offer.................Job well done Modder's & Combat Ace!
  8. Respect, appreciation, and much thanks is well deserved here. The massive amount of work and sacrifice the modder's deal with is not experienced by the end user's. I damn near got banned from a site because I requested a 'Drogue' for the KC-135 for a more realistic AR experience! The excitement and immersive experience we enjoy and thrive for i.e. (adrenaline rush) is what these magicians provide..........we must not take this for granted. Thank you Modder's for the thousands of hours of simulated air combat from a multitude of eras and areas of conflict................BRAVO - MUCH appreciated!!!! Sincerely, NIELS
  9. Hi ravenclaw_007, your work is outstanding! Attention to detail is above and beyond. I periodically see your latest additions here on the screenshot pages. Will these be available in a future Wep Pak 3, or will they be periodically offered piece mill as has been done with a few of your models? Have seen several new weapons lately but no updated pack. Just wondering.

    Thank you, Marty (NIELS)

    1. ravenclaw_007



      they are part of the Weaponpack 3 , no release date yet

    2. NIELS


      Thank you - looking forward to it - much appreciated.

  10. As I've stated before................."Detail at its finest"! Can't wait for WEP PAK3 total! Mandatory Pic - Can't remember where this pic came from, but I thought it was cool
  11. Love the 'SLUFF' - Damn cool skins = Nice Job!
  12. Thanks much & nice work - will be a sweet addition to Cuba campain!
  13. Cool skins! Will they be made available for CUBA campaign?......................Hope so - Nice work! Mandatory pic & Credits: Thanks Wrench for the outstanding F-80C and Soulfreak for the fantastic skins! (tweeked for the F-80 'What If')
  14. Korea MiG-Alley terrain

    Beautiful! Thank you much for your work.............love this era of air combat!
  15. Nice pic Pappy - My favorite 'Stead'................Such sexy lines & curves. What a BAD A$$ JET! My mandatory pic compliments of FARMER

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