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  1. Humpday Heavies

    Oh H@!! Yaeh! Just like the C-5 also, the Vulcan has such a unique howl to its sound. Manditory Screenshot, compliments of Farmer - My fave 'THUDS' Forever!
  2. Humpday Heavies

    This French med rng bomber is in the "beutiful lines/sexy' along with the US B-47 & B-58.......IMO. Nice pic's Nightshade/PR Sceen shots comp of: Velto2k & Farmer
  3. @Stary & @Menrva - Ya All know more about SF2/WOx V2 series specifics than I do. Makes sense what you mention regarding terrain size. Just one of my 'Wish List' items for this wonderful Air Combat Sim. Appreciate all you guys do for this series to keep it alive and well...............Keep up the good work, well done! Sincerely, NIELS
  4. In -flight refueling? Yeah I know its just a sim; as in real life, one of the hardest to master! When all the players are in the "heat of combat" they're damn glad there are tankers pre and post strike in real life. I for one would love to have a tanker especially after dodging the damn SAMs in burner for post strike/egress! Better immersion big time at least IMO.............."Can't Kick Ass without Tanker Gas" Do love your mods Stary - Thank you, much appreciated! NIELS
  5. Nice work Baffmeister! I have done that TEDIOUS S#!T also! And yes I concur, it is a royal PITA!
  6. Fiat G.91 "Gina" Pack

    What classy little jet! Nice work Soulfreak and all other players.............WELL DONE!
  7. Nice work! I love the F 80, my favorite ground pounder from the Korean War....... well done Paulopanz!
  8. Wish there were some 'whip' antenna's for the horizontal stabilizer.
  9. Beautiful! Well done Pappychksix. Forgot to mention Daddyairplnes A-37 package here @ CA. This skin is a work in progress, I've been tinkering with it for quite a while. Trying to represent the 604th commando SQDN, early on in the first part of the war. Job well done and thanks for your work on the 'HEAVIES'.....................Much appreciated! Also installed is the T-33_seat from ErikGen's T-33 package. And Soulfreek, & Wrench who tweeked it to what it is today...............Outstanding - thanks much! Hope I didn't miss anyone
  10. pappychksix - your B-57 skins ROCK!
  11. If only one of the 'Gifted' ones could come up with a way to get air refueling/fuel offload to work in this sim it would be soooooo damn awesome! 135 & 'BIG D' from previous screen shot @ CA (cool pic, sorry can't remember who submitted) THUD 'Iron Maiden' drogue AR from YAP
  12. Some of the best screen shots I've ever seen - Worthy of framing and display!

    "Well done Yakarov79"

  13. SF2 OV-1A Bronco, Remod Pack

    Outstanding! Thanks Wrench - Job well done.
  14. SOOOOOOOOO looking forward to this, can't wait for the F-5A & C........................'Skoshi Tiger Baby'
  15. Republic 'IRON WORKS' - Built tough (heavy) to get the job done...........Love em! Thanks Wrench

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