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  1. Outstanding effort! One of the best thus far. The F5C will be the steed I most desire. Thank you for bringing this to the community.
  2. What an outstanding addition! The cockpit alone is amazing! Job well done.........Bravo! 👍
  3. Detail at it's finest!........Well done.
  4. Best THUD pit bar none compared to TW pit IMO! Manditory Pic compliments of FARMER:
  5. SAC Twilight: B-1B Bones

    "Thanks for working the 'Heavies' Daddyairplanes - Much appreciated!"
  6. ....Hello FROM ALL Prisoner's...... Mandatory pic:
  7. Outstanding - Talk about a BUMP in immersion factor!...........Well done! Mandatory Pic:
  8. Masterpiece!...........Perfection at its best! mandatory pic:
  9. Nice work Pappy - Gonna miss ya here @ CA. Appreciate all your work with this series!
  10. Lookin sharp Pappy - Nice work! Manditory pic:
  11. Damn - Looking good Pappy, Beautiful work! Mandatory pic: "Gotta love the 'Oldies' "
  12. This is beta...needs work. Let me know what you think, Pete

    BTW, please keep it under your hat...


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. pappychksix


      Please sir...that would be awesome, Pete

    3. NIELS


      You got it! I'll work it in the next day or two :good:

    4. pappychksix


      Roger that...Thanks in advance

  13. Ok Pappy - I'll have to clean the dust of my F-86H Sabre 'HOG' book and refresh my cobwebs. Looking good Brother - outstanding work! Glad to see this member of the Sabre family finding it's way into SF series. Mandatory pic: "Fictional rendition of a late F-80C"
  14. 'H' model - Were is this Beauty hiding? Looks pretty damn good. I think she had four 20m cannons instead of six fifties though? Nice work 'Pappy'!
  15. This looks BAD ASS! Looking forward to this one...........Nice work!

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