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  1. img00002.jpg

    Amazing - Nice work!
  2. South China Sea 250m v 0.1 BETA

    Nice work............Job well done!
  3. God bless ravenclaw - get well soon
  4. This package is one of the best - 'BAD ASS' WWII air combat sims available - BRAVO IL2 Sturmovik Team! keep up the good work.
  5. Ditto Coupi.....................Well done!
  6. SF2-WW2 Battle of the Bulge Terrain

    Outstanding - Nice job!
  7. Mirage F-1CZ

  8. Nice job Geary................KAW ROCKS!
  9. Its my Target_Types.ini that is the beast. I was just wondering if the types ini had the same 999 restriction/limit. Does your notepad program have the ability to re-number the types ini? Thanks swambast
  10. Thanks Wrench - i'll try dwindling down the Types items to the 999 number and see what happens. I know there are some duplicates that could be removed...................Not looking forward to the renumbering aspect of the trimmed types.ini = UGHHHH!!! Much appreciated, NIELS
  11. OK - thanks much for the feedback. Don't know if Im doing something wrong but my types are in the 1500 range (needs some cleaning up). All show when in game but not when trying to select in Mue's target area editor? I think I've asked this before but are objects available in the cat files the only usable items when placing/viewing objects in his program? Why don't many user made objects/types appear in the drop down lists? I have objects in the targets.ini and types.ini that appear in sim but not in Mue's editor..............confused? Hate to drag this out but is there an easy way to re-number the types list when changes are made? Something I'm missing in a word editor program or other? Thanks, NIELS

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