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I have the Angola Terrain V1, enjoying it greatly. I've noticed there is no airbase/airport @ Luanda. Is there anyway of adding one??




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There is a problem with this terrain. The target area Luanda is situated not there, where on the planning map the city of Luanda is. The reason is, that the correct location of Luanda is to close to the edge of the terrain. It is inside the "invicible wall", which you cant enter.

To place an airfield close to the target area Luanda is on the first view not difficult. Simply creating a new target area by copy and past an existing airfield, change the target area number to the correct sequence number, change the Position to: "Position=214000.00,879000.00", rename the target area to "Luanda Airport". Thats it.

But on the second view, the terrain is to rough for an airfield. Parts of the airfield will "sink in" the soil, others will hover in the air. Thatswhy the heightfield must flatten first. And for this a quick and simple solution is not available.

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Thanks for that Gepard, appreciate it.

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