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  1. Nuclear Reactor

    Is there away of adding this to Angola V1 terrain??
  2. Hi, Just wondering if there is a template for the Mirage 4000? Interested in doing a "What If" SAAF and Israeli version. Cheers Jeff
  3. Wonderful aircraft, just wondering if there is a template for it? I have a couple of ideas for a SAAF and Israeli version. Cheers Jeff
  4. Flown on the Somali Airlines 707 a fair few times in the early 80's. 👍🏻Don't suppose you could release the skin?? Cheers Jeff
  5. Sorry for the bump on this old post, but I was wondering if these SAAF Kfir C2 skins were released? Cheers Jeff
  6. Brilliant it worked. I now have a Mirage IVA with an AN-22 nuclear bomb. Already for the SAAF👍🏻. Cheers Jeff
  7. Thanks for the link, I'll give it a go. Cheers Jeff
  8. Hi, A newbie, slowly learning the basics of SF2 Have successfully added a repainted aircraft and added terrain. I have downloaded the Mirage IVP, i believe there was a Mirage IVA, but that is no longer available, my query is, can i change the load out of the Mirage IVP? It comes with a ASMP nuclear missle, can i change it to say a B61 nuclear bomb, as there is no AN-11 or AN-22 bomb available, and make it a proxy Mirage IVA? Cheers Jeff
  9. That's a bugger, needed one for my SAAF😭
  10. Hi, Sorry for the late reply, it seems to be sorted now👍🏻. Think it was a mistake on one of the texture sets. Quite pleased with it. Thanks for all the help. Jeff
  11. Yep its the Rafale C by Herbeth. Thanks for the help. Jeff
  12. Hi Newbie to SF2. I have recently repainted a Rafale C in a template as a Late camo SAAF and saved it as 24 bit bmp. In the game it appears all black. Is there a guide or tutorial available to help in repainting/skinning. Cheers and appreciation. Jeff
  13. Hi, A newbie, when it comes to SF2. Just downloaded this epic scenery. Just a couple of questions, if thats ok?? 1. Do i have to rename an SF2.exe file? 2. Do i need all SF2 set ups? Missing Vietnam? 3. Can i fly for example, Rafale C in the mod? Many thanks and appreciation. Jeff
  14. Dassault Mirage IVP

    Any chance you could do a "What if" SAAF?
  15. Forgive me, but can't seem to see the file to download??

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